Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mother's Day is Just Around the Corner

That special person who raised you is expecting to hear from you or better yet, have you visit her… Mother's Day is next month, on May 12th!

Photo by bterrycompton
She was the one that fed you, bathed you, and offered protection from this sometimes, cruel world. She placed you first, before herself and now, on Mother's Day, it's your turn to show your appreciation. Have you thought of a gift for her yet?

What better gift for your mom, to return the protection she gave you, with a self defense gift for her protection? Your mother will be touched to know that you want to protect her, for a change!

So return the favor, get her a self defense product gift that she can carry with her, wherever she goes. She now needs you to offer protection for her, and what better day than Mother's Day to offer her a self defense present she will appreciate and carry with her. In turn, you will feel better, knowing she can defend herself if someone tries to harm her, when she's out and about.

Mother's Day is an opportunity to show our moms how much we love them and how much we care about their safety, as well. Some extra candy or flowers wouldn't be a bad idea, either!

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