Friday, April 26, 2013

Self Defense Just Got Easier and Faster!

For those of you who purchased one of our Tornado pepper sprays, there's a new accessory you might want to consider. For those of you who haven't heard of this amazing self defense item, take a peek. You will be impressed!

The new accessory we are talking about is the Tornado Arm Band with Light! This is an accessory for the actual Tornado Pepper Spray unit which already has a 125db personal alarm, strobe light, speed release holster and can reach up to 15 feet away! Great for women who exercise regularly.

This Tornado Arm Band accessory is great for women who exercise outdoors because it frees our hands for a water bottle or something else. Whether you are a runner, jogger, fast walker, hiker or biker, this item is convenient to have. Some people will think it's a radio or something… Plus, the best part about it is, that you can shoot your pepper spray, set off the alarm and strobe light, all in about one second! The faster you react in self defense, the less likely you will get hurt.
Tornado Pepper Spray

The arm band also has a directional light that illuminates the surrounding area at night and lets others know that you are there. This is besides the strobe that the pepper spray unit has… This light is convenient to have if women exercise when it's dark and on the street or sidewalk. The unit requires 2 AAA batteries, that are not included.

So, if you already have the actual pepper spray product, consider accessorizing and free your hands!

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