Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring is Here… It's Time for Us Women to Go Outdoors and Enjoy the Fresh Air!

It's that time of the year when flowers bloom and trees get their green leaves. Although some of us have allergies, a little medication, takes care of all that!

When was the last time you went out to enjoy a walk in the park alone, in the Spring? What about going to an art festival? Have you been reading a book lately out in the fresh air by yourself? Why not just lay on a park bench and listen to music? If you enjoy all the above, but are adamant about hanging out alone in public parks or for that matter, exercising outdoors… There is a solution for us women.

A non lethal, Self Defense Weapon, will empower us women to go wherever we want to chill or hang out in the Spring. Women can get their confidence back and feel free to go anywhere they wish, just like guys do. Even if you just want to go around your block, to walk off your dinner! Empower yourself with a pepper spray, stun gun, personal alarm or even a Taser C2! A self defense weapon such as a pepper spray, can be as inexpensive as only $6! Why not enjoy more quality time when the weather is so nice outdoors?

Women by nature, don't like violence and a non lethal personal defense weapon is empowering yet won't kill anyone and won't land you in jail. Now, get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful Spring weather!

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