Monday, April 15, 2013

Ever Get Locked Out Of Your House?

It happens to people all the time. They have a door that can be locked from the inside, so they lock it as they step out of their home. But, they forget to take the key with them!

Avoid locksmiths, hide extra door keys in your yard.
Getting locked out of my house is common with me. But now I have no worries, because, if I get absent minded again, I know to look for the spare key that is inside the Rock Key Hider, in my yard. Some doors are also set up where they are locked, but you can still open them from the inside, to go outdoors… But once you decide to go back inside your house, they lock you out! Our home's back entrance has such a door. Why they make them like that, is beyond me.

The Rock Key Hider, is very handy to have for your home's backyard, front yard, or both! Not only is it handy for houses but it's also handy for your car. People many times misplace their car keys or even worse, lock them inside their own car! This product, is not only a frustration saver, but it also saves you the money you would have to spend to get a locksmith! If you have a garden or lawn, you shouldn't be without one of these handy gadgets!

The Rock Key Hider is approximately 3.5 inches long, with plenty of room to spare for any other small thing you might want to hide inside of it. It's weather resistant and hard as a rock!

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