Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Did You Know That Defense Sprays Come in Stream, Cone, Gel or Foam?

In fact, the most popular pepper products out there are the stream kind. Most women sometimes think that they purchased a defective one, because they expect it to be like hair spray!

Disguised pepper spray offers an element of surprise
But there is a reason for The Stream pattern. It is less likely to be affected by windy conditions. Therefore it is the most sold to women. But other patterns have their particular advantages, too!

The Fogger or Cone pattern which look more like your regular hair spray, are better for indoor use or for shorter distances. Foggers are also preferred by women who feel they might not be able to aim the weapon properly into an attackers face! When using a fogger, you need to spray and run away from the mist and the attacker, as soon as possible! This really applies to anytime you use any kind of pepper weapon.

Compact pepper spray with same amount of pepper spray substance as larger models, makes it very handy and easy to hide.The Gel pepper patterns have the advantage of sticking better to an attacker's face and therefore making it harder for him or her to wipe it off. Since the gel is heavier than the liquid stream ones, it is not affected as much by wind and the gel also reaches further since it's a heavier substance.

The Foam pattern defense units are made to expand on an attackers face. Foams expand up to 400%, when they reach an attacker, quickly engulfing their entire face. Foam weapons are also thicker, therefore, also less likely to be affected by wind and they too, can reach further than the more popular products.

Browse our website and pick the Mace Pepper Spray or the Pepper Spray (mostly Streetwise products) categories on the left side of the home page. We have all kinds of defense weapons. Some are disguised as lipstick, pens, kubotans, perfume and one looks like a gun. Others have lights and alarms attached to them, as well!

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