Monday, August 13, 2007 & The New Taser C2 Series

Taser C2 Fashion Pink
We are passionate on the topic of preventing violent crimes against women. It's all over the news and movies, but without suggestions on how women can protect themselves. Sometimes law enforcement is not around, and most of us don't have a black belt degree. sells non-lethal self-defense products to fight crime, such as Mace pepper sprays, stun guns and stun batons, tasers, personal alarms, hidden cameras and more. Our site also contains safety tips, hotline phone numbers, helpful links and an interactive discussion forum.
Women cannot buy these products at Walmart and sometimes it is intimidating to walk into gun shops. Assailants that are under the influence of drugs are usually stronger than us. Now we have options. Why not use them?
Login to and discover your realistic options! Check out the new Taser C2, made especially for women to fight crime. Pre-order yours today!

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