Friday, April 28, 2017

Mother's Day Gift: Concealed Carry Purses & Bags for Her

At we have 25 purses and bags that you can choose from, that are for concealed carry Firearms, Tasers or Stun Guns. Great for a Mother's Day Gift!

These units were made for people that need extra protection, but don't want to show that they are carrying some sort of weapon with them. We presently have included 25 units for concealing your self defense weapons. All the purses have a hidden compartment. Most are purses, but there are a few that are backpacks. Plus, most if not all the purses are ambidextrous, so there is no issue if you are right or left handed. Besides the hidden compartments of these purses, they also include adjustable shoulder straps and extra compartments for your wallet, makeup, gloves or any other item you might want to carry with you.

Besides offering these beautiful concealed carry purses for self defense, there is another feature that you will find very appealing! If you ever are in a situation where you need to shoot your firearm from within the purse for self defense and it gets damaged, you can send us a police report of the incident and your purse will be replaced for FREE.

Check out all 25 purses or bags... 
The Purses are ambidextrous.      
All are concealed carry units. 
Remember that all these units
can hide Firearms, Tasers or Stun Guns.
Great for a Mother's Day Gift!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Do You Need A Self Defense Product for Protection?

We call this incredible package the, Triple Self Defense Package. It's perfect for college students and people that take public transportation, as well! Below are short descriptions of each self defense unit.

Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts: Wrist strap disable pin, easy trigger technology, flashlight, available in 7 different colors.

Mini Personal Alarm: Includes fast simple squeeze to activate the 120dB alarm, LED light for night time safety, attaches to your keychain or clips to your clothes, includes batteries. Available in your choice of Pink or Black.

Pepper Spray w/ Quick Key Release Keychain: Includes a quick key release which allows you to open a door and at the same time spray an attacker, or keep your keys in your car ignition while spraying an attacker. Available in hard or soft case, several colors to choose from.

For more details, please go to this LINK or call us at: 954-916-7955

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mace® Sport Strobe Personal Alarm with 130dB, For Just Only $19.99

This unit has a personal alarm that reaches 130dB, which is the highest civilians can carry for letting others know that they need help!

The unit is perfect for college students, especially if they are on campus taking night classes! Plus, it's also perfect for seniors, the handicapped, runners or joggers as well.

Mace has been around for many, many years and although they are known for defense sprays, they also have other products such as the multi purpose Mace® Sport Strobe Personal Alarm with 130dB.

Mace® Sport Strobe Personal Alarm with 130dB Features
• Includes 130dB personal alarm
• Has a flashing STROBE light and flashlight
• Accessories for door and window alarm
• Unit cost's only $19.99
• Uses one 9-volt battery, not included

College students need loud 130dB personal alarms to let campus police know, if they are in a dangerous situation! Plus, seniors, the handicapped, runners  or joggers, can also benefit from carrying a personal alarm.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Solar Motion LED Light, Only $20.95

This handy light that you can place over your door entrance or any other place you might see fit, has 20 high-powered LEDs and provides 160 Lumens!

How many times have you had to take a flashlight when you go into a shed? What about when you’re coming home from work and you can’t see well enough to open your front door? Not to mention the times you have to buy a new bulb because it dies on you, since it’s on all the time?

The Solar Motion LED Light can make your life a lot easier. It doesn’t stay on all the time, wasting electricity. It only brightens up when it senses motion! Instead of carrying a flashlight everywhere, just install this handy unit that can also save you mula, since it’s not on all the time! Needless to say, it will turn off completely, during daylight hours.

This solar unit gets charged when it’s exposed to light for 7 hours. It offers 12 hours of illumination during the night. The unit detects movement up to 15 feet away. Speaking of movement, it will also detect movement if an intruder want’s to get into your, for example, store, business or home. It will illuminate the whole time an intruder is present at night!

Other features include: durability, certified to IB65, is water and heat resistant. Plus, it’s a snap to install on any wall, includes all it’s hardware and saves electricity. Measures 3.75" wide by 2" depth.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Extreme T6 LED Headlight For The Outdoors!

If you are out in the wilderness often, you will love this impressive unit. Perfect for night time use while hiking, or if you are in a dark place, such as a cave.

Of course it also can be used if you need, for example, to crawl under a house or perhaps a car that needs mechanical work. Perfect for hunting, camping, cycling, climbing, fishing, running or walking.

The Extreme T6 Headlight has many features but the most important feature is that you can do anything you want, without needing to use your hands! Of course, it’s also comfortable on your head.

Extreme T6 LED Headlight Features
• Hands free bright lighting w/800 Lumen
• Includes three LED lights: large T6 LED and two XPE LEDs
• 4 Light modes, several brightness features and strobe
• Adjust’s to 90 degrees
• Durable and water resistance alloy
• Lightweight, fits on ball cap or hard hat
• Includes red light on back for others to see you
• Includes charger, 2 rechargeable Lithium batteries
• LEDs have a 10,000 hour lifespan

This 800 lumen unit is perfect for hunting, camping, cycling, climbing, fishing, running or walking! Read more details about this unit, on the link above!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector

Not all personal alarms are the same and this one includes a unique feature that others in the market simply don't have!

We all know that personal alarms are handy for college students, people that walk or take a bus to work... But, have you ever heard of a personal alarm that let's you know if your belongings are being tampered or touched in any way? This is where the Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector and LED Light, comes in handy!

Not all personal alarms are the same and this unit is without doubt the most handy. You see, not only will it let you send out an ear piercing screeching alarm, but it will also let you know if someone is tampering with your belongings... You see this personal alarm also has a MOTION DETECTOR. It comes in handy because you can place it next to, for example, a laptop and if someone touches it, it will ring an ear piercing 100dB alarm! Very convenient to have for other situations, like a desk drawer that you don't want a person to open, or to prevent guns from being taken by children... Plus, of course you can take it with you to hotels and if the knob is wiggled during the night, the 100dB alarm will also let you know!

Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector and LED Light, is also great for college students to inform if they are in a dangerous situation, the handicapped and senior citizens. It's small and also includes a convenient LED light!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wildfire Pepper Spray 18% Hard Case, Only $8.99

The Wildfire units in our website have 18% heat and they can reach up to 8 feet away, for self defense against attackers.

These Wildfire Pepper Spray 18% Hard Case units have hard cases with convenient Quick Key Release Keychain. This allows you to be able to open your home’s door or have the unit on your car’s ignition and still spray an attacker! That’s due to its unique key chain system. Besides the Quick Key Release Keychain, it also includes a belt clip and a UV Dye for identification of an assailant!

The Wildfire Pepper Spray 18% Hard Case that only cost’s $8.99, also includes a belt clip. Plus, more importantly it has a UV Marking Dye for identifying an attacker if caught by the police. Police will place him or her under a UV lamp and could verify that they caught the right individual!

These units include 5 one-second bursts and can reach up to 8 feet away! Plus don’t forget that they also include a convenient Quick Key Release Keychain!

(Expiration date is on bottom of unit. Simply pull out bottom cap and see date.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mace® KeyGuard For Women or Men’s Self Defense

If you don’t like using lethal or firearm weapons, you can always go the non lethal rout and purchase non lethal self defense units in our website

We have many different units for self defense that will protect you or your loved ones. One of these units are the Mace KeyGuards. They are small and can be hidden easily in your hand or kept in a keychain.

These concealable units are available in pink or black. They contain approximately 6 short sprays that can reach 5 feet away. All women or men have to do, is aim toward an attacker’s eyes. The burning will be devastating and he or she will have to close their eyes and cry from all the pain... Allowing you to escape safely!

Since the unit is discreetly small, it can also be REFILLED, with the Mace Pepper Pen and KeyGuard Refill. The KeyGuard Refill will offer you approximately 15 refills... Remember that you can purchase it in pink or black, it's concealable and perfect for self defense!

PLUS: When you buy the Mace® KeyGuard Spray, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the following charitable organizations:

• The National Center for Victims of Crime
• Project Against Violent Encounters
• Casting for Recovery

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Watch your dog during the Summer, especially if they are outdoors! In case you didn’t know, Summer is frog season!

Be very protective of your dog during the summer… Our dog almost died from getting sprayed by a Bufo Marinus Frog. Here in Florida, the Bufo Marinus Frog is the most common one in backyards and very dangerous especially toward other animals like dogs!

If you have dogs, you know how mischievous they are and if they see something interesting, they will definitely try to catch it or play with it. Unfortunately during the summer the Bufo Marinus Frogs are all over the place and are poisonous. Make sure you search your backyard often for them!

We had a Jack Russell that almost died from being sprayed by a frog. It was a horrible experience… Our dog was barking at a poisonous Bufo Marinus Frog and the frog shot a venomous steam toward her! Needless to say our pup got very, very sick! The poison had reached our dog’s mouth and she ingested it. She started to walk wobbling and later couldn’t stand up. We noticed that her eyes were getting dilated and almost became totally black. We rushed to an animal clinic near us… Passing red lights at 10:30 at night and rushing to take our pup to a vet near us that was opened 24 hours!

We were lucky that we took her in time to save her. Her eyes were almost dilated and she was close to dying…

There are many kinds of venomous frogs in our country. Please check for them if you have dogs, especially in the summer season!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Leather Wallet Trifold, Double ID Window w/ RFID Protection, Only $21.95

Have you heard of wallets with RFID Protection that prevents hackers from stealing your credit card information?

They are available at No more worries about your identity or credit card fraud. These wallets protect credit cards from being scanned by hackers! They are available in Bifold or Trifold. The Trifold Leather Wallet can hold two cards in each wing. They also have 2 openings for more cards and a mesh sleeve for ID, plus a mesh centerfold for ID. PLUS, the Leather Wallet Trifold, Double ID Window w/ RFID Protection includes a mesh sleeve outside the wallet for quick access to your protected ID.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Car Key Hidden Camera Remote with DVR and Portable, Only $44.97

Do you ever wish you had a camera with you when something of interest is happening around you?

Most everyone carries keys with them. But this unit not only holds keys, but it also is a disguised video camera! Many times people see attacks or interesting things and wish they could capture the moment…

For only $44.97, the small, Car Key Hidden Camera Remote with DVR and Portable, can also be used for spying on a person or people in general. It can become very handy if you capture an attack taking place or simply a cool incident! PLUS, it can capture 8 GB of footage. So you can approximately take a video that can last up to 3 hours!

Car Key Hidden Camera Remote with DVR and Portable, for only $44.97, is also great for keeping an eye on your nanny, guests or intruders. Simply place the Car Key Hidden Camera Remote with DVR and Portable, in any place you may have some interest in watching! See below specifications.

Hidden Camera Remote Car Key Features
• Includes Car Key DVR
• USB cord for recharging and transferring video/photos
• Video format = AVI
• Video Resolution = 640 × 480
• Camera Resolution = 1280 × 960
• Battery = 280 mAh 3.7 V
• 29 Frames Per Second (fps)
• Dimensions = 2 inches x 1 1/4 inch x 3/8 inch

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Need To Defend Yourself And Learn How To Do It Fast?

At, we have several DVD’s that can teach you how to fight for your self defense! This particular one is called Rapid Assault Tactics.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can learn certain tactics to defend yourself from an attacker. This DVD will teach you how to do it!

Paul Vunak's tactics have been taught to FBI, NAVY SEALS, the CIA and also to many police officers, such as SWAT teams! He also has taught soldiers on the battlefields, as well...

These fighting Rapid Assault Tactics designed by Paul Vunak, called the R.A.T. fighting system, were designed to be learned fast, so that you and can immediately learn how to protect yourself! The package includes 8 basic tools of JKD to get you out of 95% of dangerous confrontations in the streets or anywhere.

The self defense instructions are easy to understand and learn, even if you have never had a confrontation with an attacker. Plus, the total run of the DVD, is 1 hour!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Have You Heard of the Ergonomic Sting Ring Stun Gun 18 Million Volts, In Pink Or Black?

These units in pink or black for women or men, are ergonomic, meaning that they fit comfortably in your hand for self defense!

Women or men can use these incredible units for self defense. They are formed to be comfortable to hold and rubberized, so they won't slip. These Sting Ring Stun Gun 18 Million Volts, as you can tell, are available in pink or black. They include a new technology that only requires you to SQUEEZE the unit for it to stun an attacker or rapist. All you have to do is press a button and simply touch the individual. Continue to touch them until they fall to the ground and become incoherent and motionless. Then leave like a bat out of hell! It's perfect for self defense.

Sting Ring Stun Gun Features: 18 million volts of takedown power, easy to conceal, ergonomic, SQUEEZE technology, small, lightweight, safety switch, is RECHAGREABLE with included cord for standard wall outlet AND has a Lifetime Warranty from any manufacturer's defect.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Introducing Blowguns That Can Reach Up to 250 Feet Away! now includes .40 caliber Blowguns, for firing light projectiles or darts. They can be used for sports or even for hunting. 
Indians used them for self defense and for effectively hunting birds and small mammals. Presently, they are also used as a sport in the Olympics, as well.

These aluminum tubbing units can penetrate very easily into 1/4 inch plywood and are manufactured with seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum! Unlike the indians that used mostly bamboo branches… The units come with 12 target darts, muzzle-guard, mouthpiece, 2 dart quivers and a hand grip made of foam for comfortable handling. Plus, they come in several sizes: 18, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches long. The BG-48, BG-60 and the BG-72 come in two pieces, due to their long length!

CAUTION: These blowgun units are not toys, please use with precaution.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hide Your Gun Where Nobody Would Ever Think Of Looking Twice For It!

Our store has 5 fake disguised books that you can use for hiding your firearm, called: Hand Gun Hider Book Safe.

Who would think of hiding a gun in their dining room or kitchen cabinet? Probably nobody! That’s what makes this particular book safe, so easy to hide. Most people keep their gun or firearm in their bedroom or closet…

We also have other models to choose from, but the Hand Gun Hider Book Safe “Best Recipes” is a great choice! You can hide your firearm in plain site and no one will think twice…

Hand Gun Hider Book Safe “Best Recipes” Features

• Hidden in plain site and ready to be used
• It’s built so that you can insert a small, medium semi-autos w/ barrels up to 4 5/8”
• You can also insert a 2 inch snub nose revolvers up to .357 cal.
• Protective inlay: won’t absorb or draw away protective oils
• Modifications can be made for after market sights and lasers

These units are Made in the USA by BookKASE!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Did You Know That We Have Mace Pepper Spray with Tear Gas for Self Defense?

Most people now a days need protection and these self defense units with tear gas, will definitely do the job and they only cost $16.99 thru $18.99!

These Mace pepper spray units come in 3 sizes: pocket, personal and police models. They all include a powerful "Tear Gas" along with pepper spray! A double punch for a would be attacker. Women or men can carry these units that can shoot a stream of up to 12 feet away. They have a convenient flip top, keychain and clip, for hanging conveniently in a pocket.

The best way to use this Mace Pepper Spray with "Tear Gas", is to aim toward an attacker's eyes. It will splash into their nose and mouth, which can also penetrate into their lungs... The attacker will no doubt, start to cry from all the pain it inflicts. Of course, he or she won't be able to see, because they will have to shut their eyes, from all the pain! Perfect for women or men's self defense and for STUDENTS to take to college for protection, as well!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Have You Heard of the Lipstick Stun Guns, With 3 Million Volts of Takedown Power?

There's no better weapon than one which is disguised... In this case, it's our Lipstick or Perfume Looking Stun Guns with 3 Million Volts of takedown power!

The best way for us women to protect ourselves, is to carry a disguised self defense weapon. Plus, if it looks like an ordinary item you use everyday, the better! Disguised and discreet units are not anticipated by rapists or attackers.

The Lipstick Stun Guns, With 3 Million Volts, are discrete, yet powerful. If you think that an attacker might have bad intentions, simply pull out the disguised lipstick or perfume unit and pretend that you just want to freshen up! Then surprise him by simply touching him with the unit. The weapon can even be used over their clothes. Keep touching them with this discreet unit until they fall to the ground and become incoherent, with only their eyes moving! Then immediately go to a safe place!

The Lipstick Stun Guns, With 3 Million Volts for women's self defense, have a built-in rechargeable battery, charging cord, built in flashlight, measures 5 inches... Perfect for protection against rapist or attackers!  Plus, they have a Lifetime Warranty from manufacture's defects!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NEW: SABRE Wall Mounted Emergency Personal Panic Alarm, Only $17.95

Sometimes a shower can be dangerous. Especially if a senior citizen, the disabled, kids or any other emergency situation happens!
This new product at can be very useful. We all have heard about people getting somehow hurt in a bathroom, due to slipping inside the the tub or when climbing out of a shower. Having some sort of convenient alarm at arms reach is not only smart but can also save a life. Consider trying the SABRE Wall Mounted Emergency Personal Panic Alarm, for only $17.95!

It happens pretty often, even if you are very careful... a slight movement, may sometimes turn into a dangerous situation. See more info below.

SABRE Wall Mounted Emergency Personal Panic Alarm Features
Includes 120dB to alert others that you need help or are in danger
• Has flashing red LED light when 3' cord is pulled
• Includes on off switch, plus replacing cord
• Includes battery update feature to let you know battery status
• Hardware is included and it's easy to install
• Uses 2 x AAA batteries (batteries not included)
• Measures 3" x 3" x 0.5" (length, width and thickness)

Keep your entire family safe by simply installing this emergency 120dB alarm unit for your bathroom's tub or shower. Perfect for seniors citizens, the disabled, kids or any other emergency situation that can occur and only cost's $17.95!

Monday, April 3, 2017 Has Disguised Pen Knives for Self Defense. Only $7.29

Do you need a discrete, small weapon that will protect you and at the same time can be used for a handy writing utensil? 
It looks like a pen, writes like a pen and also includes a self defense knife that has a  2.13 inch blade! It's a discrete weapon to carry around at work, college or simply to carry, in case you need protection. Nobody will know you are carrying a weapon with you. Plus, of course, it also can be used a a real pen because it also writes!

This Pen Knife unit is simple to use. Just pull apart with your hands and expose the sharp blade for self defense. Besides having a weapon  in your hand, you also have a real writing utensil. It measures 5.5" long and includes a convenient clip, for placing in a pocket. These units are available in black, gold and silver colors... And they also can write, for only $7.29, as well!!

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