Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Need To Defend Yourself And Learn How To Do It Fast?

At, we have several DVD’s that can teach you how to fight for your self defense! This particular one is called Rapid Assault Tactics.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can learn certain tactics to defend yourself from an attacker. This DVD will teach you how to do it!

Paul Vunak's tactics have been taught to FBI, NAVY SEALS, the CIA and also to many police officers, such as SWAT teams! He also has taught soldiers on the battlefields, as well...

These fighting Rapid Assault Tactics designed by Paul Vunak, called the R.A.T. fighting system, were designed to be learned fast, so that you and can immediately learn how to protect yourself! The package includes 8 basic tools of JKD to get you out of 95% of dangerous confrontations in the streets or anywhere.

The self defense instructions are easy to understand and learn, even if you have never had a confrontation with an attacker. Plus, the total run of the DVD, is 1 hour!

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