Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Solar Motion LED Light, Only $20.95

This handy light that you can place over your door entrance or any other place you might see fit, has 20 high-powered LEDs and provides 160 Lumens!

How many times have you had to take a flashlight when you go into a shed? What about when you’re coming home from work and you can’t see well enough to open your front door? Not to mention the times you have to buy a new bulb because it dies on you, since it’s on all the time?

The Solar Motion LED Light can make your life a lot easier. It doesn’t stay on all the time, wasting electricity. It only brightens up when it senses motion! Instead of carrying a flashlight everywhere, just install this handy unit that can also save you mula, since it’s not on all the time! Needless to say, it will turn off completely, during daylight hours.

This solar unit gets charged when it’s exposed to light for 7 hours. It offers 12 hours of illumination during the night. The unit detects movement up to 15 feet away. Speaking of movement, it will also detect movement if an intruder want’s to get into your, for example, store, business or home. It will illuminate the whole time an intruder is present at night!

Other features include: durability, certified to IB65, is water and heat resistant. Plus, it’s a snap to install on any wall, includes all it’s hardware and saves electricity. Measures 3.75" wide by 2" depth.

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