Monday, April 24, 2017

Extreme T6 LED Headlight For The Outdoors!

If you are out in the wilderness often, you will love this impressive unit. Perfect for night time use while hiking, or if you are in a dark place, such as a cave.

Of course it also can be used if you need, for example, to crawl under a house or perhaps a car that needs mechanical work. Perfect for hunting, camping, cycling, climbing, fishing, running or walking.

The Extreme T6 Headlight has many features but the most important feature is that you can do anything you want, without needing to use your hands! Of course, it’s also comfortable on your head.

Extreme T6 LED Headlight Features
• Hands free bright lighting w/800 Lumen
• Includes three LED lights: large T6 LED and two XPE LEDs
• 4 Light modes, several brightness features and strobe
• Adjust’s to 90 degrees
• Durable and water resistance alloy
• Lightweight, fits on ball cap or hard hat
• Includes red light on back for others to see you
• Includes charger, 2 rechargeable Lithium batteries
• LEDs have a 10,000 hour lifespan

This 800 lumen unit is perfect for hunting, camping, cycling, climbing, fishing, running or walking! Read more details about this unit, on the link above!

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