Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Watch your dog during the Summer, especially if they are outdoors! In case you didn’t know, Summer is frog season!

Be very protective of your dog during the summer… Our dog almost died from getting sprayed by a Bufo Marinus Frog. Here in Florida, the Bufo Marinus Frog is the most common one in backyards and very dangerous especially toward other animals like dogs!

If you have dogs, you know how mischievous they are and if they see something interesting, they will definitely try to catch it or play with it. Unfortunately during the summer the Bufo Marinus Frogs are all over the place and are poisonous. Make sure you search your backyard often for them!

We had a Jack Russell that almost died from being sprayed by a frog. It was a horrible experience… Our dog was barking at a poisonous Bufo Marinus Frog and the frog shot a venomous steam toward her! Needless to say our pup got very, very sick! The poison had reached our dog’s mouth and she ingested it. She started to walk wobbling and later couldn’t stand up. We noticed that her eyes were getting dilated and almost became totally black. We rushed to an animal clinic near us… Passing red lights at 10:30 at night and rushing to take our pup to a vet near us that was opened 24 hours!

We were lucky that we took her in time to save her. Her eyes were almost dilated and she was close to dying…

There are many kinds of venomous frogs in our country. Please check for them if you have dogs, especially in the summer season!

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