Monday, April 3, 2017 Has Disguised Pen Knives for Self Defense. Only $7.29

Do you need a discrete, small weapon that will protect you and at the same time can be used for a handy writing utensil? 
It looks like a pen, writes like a pen and also includes a self defense knife that has a  2.13 inch blade! It's a discrete weapon to carry around at work, college or simply to carry, in case you need protection. Nobody will know you are carrying a weapon with you. Plus, of course, it also can be used a a real pen because it also writes!

This Pen Knife unit is simple to use. Just pull apart with your hands and expose the sharp blade for self defense. Besides having a weapon  in your hand, you also have a real writing utensil. It measures 5.5" long and includes a convenient clip, for placing in a pocket. These units are available in black, gold and silver colors... And they also can write, for only $7.29, as well!!

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