Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mace® KeyGuard For Women or Men’s Self Defense

If you don’t like using lethal or firearm weapons, you can always go the non lethal rout and purchase non lethal self defense units in our website

We have many different units for self defense that will protect you or your loved ones. One of these units are the Mace KeyGuards. They are small and can be hidden easily in your hand or kept in a keychain.

These concealable units are available in pink or black. They contain approximately 6 short sprays that can reach 5 feet away. All women or men have to do, is aim toward an attacker’s eyes. The burning will be devastating and he or she will have to close their eyes and cry from all the pain... Allowing you to escape safely!

Since the unit is discreetly small, it can also be REFILLED, with the Mace Pepper Pen and KeyGuard Refill. The KeyGuard Refill will offer you approximately 15 refills... Remember that you can purchase it in pink or black, it's concealable and perfect for self defense!

PLUS: When you buy the Mace® KeyGuard Spray, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the following charitable organizations:

• The National Center for Victims of Crime
• Project Against Violent Encounters
• Casting for Recovery

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