Friday, April 7, 2017

Hide Your Gun Where Nobody Would Ever Think Of Looking Twice For It!

Our store has 5 fake disguised books that you can use for hiding your firearm, called: Hand Gun Hider Book Safe.

Who would think of hiding a gun in their dining room or kitchen cabinet? Probably nobody! That’s what makes this particular book safe, so easy to hide. Most people keep their gun or firearm in their bedroom or closet…

We also have other models to choose from, but the Hand Gun Hider Book Safe “Best Recipes” is a great choice! You can hide your firearm in plain site and no one will think twice…

Hand Gun Hider Book Safe “Best Recipes” Features

• Hidden in plain site and ready to be used
• It’s built so that you can insert a small, medium semi-autos w/ barrels up to 4 5/8”
• You can also insert a 2 inch snub nose revolvers up to .357 cal.
• Protective inlay: won’t absorb or draw away protective oils
• Modifications can be made for after market sights and lasers

These units are Made in the USA by BookKASE!

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