Thursday, February 28, 2013

Powerful 5 Million Volt Small Stun Gun

It's definitely small, only 3 1/2 x 2 1/8 x 7/8 inches… Smaller than a cigarette box, yet it's powerful personal protection is enough to knock someone down!

You can actually place this personal protection, stun gun weapon, in a women's pants pocket. Us ladies know how small these pockets are, compared to men's! With it's leather holster, it weighs a little under 5 1/2 ounces. Not much for such a powerful unit! You can also hang it off your belt and others will think it's just a cell phone! Or simply place it in your purse.

We call it the Blackout Stun Gun 5 Million Volts Rechargeable. Just touch an attacker with this weapon for 1 to 2 seconds and they will loose muscle control and be in a mental daze… Use it against them for 3 to 5 seconds and watch them loose their balance, fall down, lacking total muscle control. They will also have total mental confusion and disorientation. This, needless to say, will give you a chance to escape from harms way!

It has all the personal protection features us women need to have:
• 5 Million volts
• Rechargeable (no batteries required)
• 4 Bulb, LED flashlight
• Red light to indicate unit is charged
• Disable pin wrist strap
  (prevents it from being used against you)
• Rubberized armor, non slipping
• Safety switch
• Slick leather holster
• Lifetime Warranty

Make sure to have this rechargeable 5 million volt stun gun weapon, on and ready to be used, when you feel uneasy about your surroundings. That's just one less step you would have to take, to defend yourself!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stun Pen for Protection at College or Work

Photo by Parker Knight

What can be more handy than having a weapon that looks like a pen or marker at a college campus, office, warehouse, night shift work or any other kind of job?

Simply touch a person with this weapon and they will back off! Touching them for a couple of seconds, will drop them down on the floor! This disguised stun gun will not draw attention when you pull it out for self defense. The Stun Gun Pen 1.2 Million Volts with LED Flashlight is a rechargeable weapon you can take anywhere! Pens are very common at work and college campuses. Others will not think twice by looking at it, that it's for self defense!

Disguised stun gun pen for self defense and rechargeableAs mentioned before, this stun gun pen, has a built-in rechargeable battery, no need to purchase batteries. Just simply plug it into a wall socket to juice it up! It's smooth exterior is made of a rubberized armor coating. This prevents the stun gun from slipping through your fingers, offering you a nice firm grip of the unit. It also has a convenient LED flashlight and comes with a holster, in case you want to hang it on a belt. You can also, simply place it in your purse, backpack or briefcase. It has a Lifetime Warranty, as well!

Feel safer at work, at a college campus, in the streets or anywhere, with this disguised, rechargeable weapon. Have it available, out of the holster and ready to use for self defense, when you feel uneasy about your surroundings!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mace Pepper Spray with Tear Gas

Mace products that include Tear Gas are called triple action. This refers to the actual pepper, the invisible UV Dye for identification and the Tear Gas.

If you are looking for a personal defense spray that can cause total devastation on an attacker, you are reading about the best pepper spray for your safety. It's well known that pepper spray can cause devastating heat and coughing and actually temporarily blind a person, because they have to shut their eyes from all the pain! It's also known that it includes an invisible UV Dye that will facilitate police in identifying a criminal too…

This Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Personal Model, includes the pepper and the UV Dye, plus TEAR GAS! This substance offers a whole new dimension to stopping an attacker. Besides the pepper spray and UV Dye effects, the tear gas will cause unstoppable tearing. It will also give an attacker shortness of breath and DISORIENTATION! You can also add to the benefits, that when this substance is present, even if you don't aim the product directly at the face of the attacher, he or she, will still feel the effect of the tear gas surrounding them.

Other features of the Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Personal Model are:
• Contains 10 bursts
• Reaches up to 8 - 12 feet
• Flip-top safety cap
• Ergonomic grip
• Belt clip
• Key chain

Always be aware of your surroundings and keep in mind to take out your defense spray, in anticipation, if you feel that danger could be near. Also take it out if you are in an isolated area, where others cannot help you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Multi-Function UFO Alarm for Home or Personal Defense!

UFO Alarm for door, window, drawer or closet, protection from intruders
This unique alarm can be used for personal defense as well as for home security. It has many convenient applications for doors and windows and can even be set from outside your home entrance while closing the door to step out! 

They thought about everything when they made this UFO Alarm. Its great for personal defense because with just pushing a button or pulling the disable wrist strap, you can set it off! The loud 120 decibel screeching sound, lets others know that you are in danger. It also has a handy LED flashlight.

This UFO Alarm can also be attached to a window, door or even a desk or closet drawer. It comes with all the accessories necessary for applying it in a way that others can't tell that there is an alarm hidden and ready to set off an ear piercing, screeching sound! What is so impressive about his item is that you can step out of your home entrance and still be able to set it to go off if the door is opened by an intruder! The UFO comes with a unique accessory that allows you to set it from the outside of your home entrance. This allows your neighbors to hear it, if a home intruder decides to enter and steel your stuff! You can also use the same accessory for windows, drawers or closets. When this accessory is applied, intruders will not be able to see that the UFO is present!

The UFO offers security that is definitely out of this world! Get one for personal defense and for your home doors and windows. Plus it's great security for your valuables, as well. Go directly to this item's website for application examples!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stun Gun and Pepper Spray Help Breast Cancer Research

The Valentines Special we offered recently has a permanent place on our website. The name has changed, but the cause is still the same!

18% Pink pepper spray that a portion of the proceeds go toward the cure of breast cancer
The special was so successful, that we decided to keep offering it to our customers and keep contributing to a worthy cause. When you purchase the SPECIAL with the Strongest Pink Stun Gun 8 Million Volts Rechargeable and the Pink Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2 oz 18%, a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer! You help yourself with 2 great self defense products and at the same time, help a person suffering with Breast Cancer.

The Strongest Pink Stun Gun with 8 Million Volts for self defense, is rechargeable, has a large bright LED flashlight, rubberized armor coating and a safety switch. This strongest stun gun also includes a disable pin, that renders the unit inoperable if it is taken from you by an attacker. Plus this very powerful weapon has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

The Pink Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2 oz 18% is 46% stronger than other pepper spray brands out there. It's ideal to have in your key chain, since it has a key ring and can shoot pepper spray 5 to 7 feet away! It also has an invisible UV Dye that marks an attacker and helps identify him or her, if they are captured by police.

Self defense for citizens and money to help Breast Cancer. A wonderful combination for to keep offering, until a cure is found.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wasp Spray is Not a Substitute for Pepper Spray

You will find many articles on the Internet encouraging people to use an insect spray for self defense, instead of pepper spray… Don't be mislead by this misguided suggestion!

I'll admit, years ago, I rigged up a solution myself. When I was a teenager, I carried a water pistol filled with toxic ammonia in my purse. Fortunately, I never had to use it! I'm glad I didn't and I hope the following information will convince you not to use this dangerous and popular suggestion, spreading through the Internet.

Many people out there are considering using Wasp spray for self defense. If you are one of them, don't even think about it! First of all, it is considered poisonous. It also can cause permanent damage and is toxic and flammable too! Therefore, you can end up severely incapacitating a person or even killing them. Precautions on the Wasp can, states the poisonous hazards very clearly. If you use it for other reasons instead of what it was intended for, you might get prison time or a huge law suit!

Pepper spray will disable a person temporarily, but does not cause permanent damage or kill someone. It's not worth going to jail because you used Wasp spray for self defense. An attorney would have a field day, laying out all the hazards this insect spray has and how you were aware of it's dangers! This would, most definitely send you straight to the slammer.

Be smart. Use pepper spray as a self defense weapon, that temporarily incapacitates, instead of a substance that can kill someone. Using a toxic or poisonous solution for self defense, is not a good idea!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stylish Mace Pepper Spray Leather Plus Cases

Self defense has never been so stylish, with Leather Plus cases in 5 different colors, to complement any women's wardrobe. Go to nightclubs, malls, college or any other destination, knowing you have personal protection!

Us women need to be cautious wherever we go… Unfortunately, that is just the way it is. We need to get into the habit of always carrying some sort of self defense item. Just like you buckle up a seat belt when you ride in a car, you should also carry some personal protection, such as the Mace Pepper Spray Leather Plus Case. You can hang them on your key ring, or put them in your briefcase, purse or backpack. Look for them under the Mace category on our website!

The stylish Mace Pepper Spray Leather Plus cases aren't just pretty, they are also a very powerful self defense weapon for women, and affordable as well! Check out the following details…

Mace Pepper Spray Leather Plus Case
✓ Proven personal protection for decades
✓ Reaches up to 10 feet
✓ Contains 15 short bursts
✓ Locking safety cap, just twist and press down
✓ Glow in the dark cap, to easily find in a purse
✓ Invisible UV Dye, allows police to identify a criminal
✓ Convenient Leather Plus Case with key ring
✓ Expiration date on every unit

Carry this stylish self defense pepper spray weapon with confidence, wherever you go. Make it a habit to have it ready, prior to any potential risky situation!

Aggressive Dogs Can Be Controlled with Mace

More and more people are getting dogs, either as pups or re-homed. They are very loyal companions and deserve the best care and compassion from us.

Stop aggressive dogs with Mace Muzzle
Photo by donjd2
Mace Muzzle pepper spray for aggressive dogs in parks or neighborhoodsWe all know that aggressive canines sometimes roam loose, yet when we walk alone or take our own pet for a stroll around the block, we aren't prepared to defend ourselves or our pet. Sometimes simply walking your own pooch, can lead to dangerous situations or even deadly consequences.

Fortunately there is a pepper spray for dogs, that takes care of those aggressive souls, we sometime encounter at dog parks. The Mace Muzzle Pepper Spray can humanely control aggressive canines. Simply aim it at their eyes and they will back off! This Mace Muzzle pepper spray for canines won't cause permanent damage but it will keep you and your pet safer. It's also great for people that don't have pooches but like to jog or simply take a stroll around their neighborhood or park.

If you or someone you know, is having issues with aggressive pooches, this Mace Muzzle is the best solution. We encourage all dog owners to carry it with them in every walk, to the park or on any outing with their pet.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Are You Searching for a Stun Gun or a Personal Alarm?

Would using a loud personal alarm for others to hear, be more effective than shocking an attacker with a stun gun? Our answer to that is... Why choose?

There is no need to choose because you can have a self defense weapon that includes both a stun device and a built in personal alarm, as well! There aren't many devices in today's market that have both of these useful features built into one unit. The Stun Gun 200,000 Volts Built-in Alarm is not only going to scare an attacker by it's intimidating sound alone. It will also produce devastating pain when held against an attacker for a few seconds and render them helpless, while enabling you to escape out of harms way! This unique self defense, stun gun is also available in 400,000 volts and both models include a powerful 130 decibel personal alarm, too!

This unique weapon also includes a disable wrist strap. If you have the unit's strap, around your wrist and an attacker takes the unit from you, the strap will stay on your wrist and the weapon will not work! The safety strap has to be attached to the unit in order for it to function! This is a very convenient safety feature which prevents attackers from using the weapon against you.

Both of these very small self defense stun guns are small. They only measure 4 9/16 x 2 x 1 1/16 inches. They each come with a holster, a LIFETIME WARRANTY and require a 9 volt battery (not included).

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mace Jogger Got a Face Lift... Now Also Available in Pink!

What makes this pepper spray ideal for people that exercise by walking, jogging or running, is the fact that you can carry it and at the same time your hands are free to hold other things!

A velcro strap snuggled around the back of your hand, holds this Mace defense unit in place, while you also can carry a cell phone or water bottle… It also has a convenient key chain. Plus, in case you weren't aware, this Mace product has changed a bit. It looks more stylish and is now also available in pink!

What does this Mace Jogger Pepper Spray have to offer while you exercise? Let's start off with the fact that it can reach 8 to 12 feet away! You can defend yourself while walking, jogging or running, by using this unit 20 times. 20 Powerful short bursts that will temporarily blind an attacker, because their eyes will burn so much, they won't be able to open them. Not only will they feel the burn in the eyes, but also all over their face, along with constant coughing and choking! Plus, both the Black or Pink Mace Jogger, have an invisible UV Dye that marks an attacker, when you spray them. This helps authorities to verify that a suspect, was indeed the attacker, when they are captured.

Now you can exercise worry free! Whether you like to just walk or run, this jogger pepper spray self defense unit, will give you peace of mind during your routine. Available in black or pink!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heart Shaped Pepper Spray Perfect for a Valentines Day Gift

What could be more appropriate than to give your loved ones a unique gift of personal defense and it be shaped like a heart, as well?

Valentines is right around the corner and if you really want your loved ones to know you care, offer them a gift they can use for personal defense. The Perfume Heart Shape Pepper Spray is a unique and desirable gift for women. Most women prefer gifts that are beautiful, convenient and useful. This disguised personal defense weapon will impress them this Valentines Day and they will definitely include it along with the other items in their purse. PLUS, please don't forget to tell them that IT IS NOT REAL PERFUME. You definitely don't want them to pepper spray themselves... yikes!

This disguised Perfume Heart Shape Pepper Spray for women, can reach up to 7 feet, contains 5 to 6 shots and has 18% concentration of pepper, versus only 10% that others have. The higher percentage, makes it hotter and more devastating to a would be attacker. It also has a UV Dye that marks an attacker's face when you spray them. This helps authorities identify him or her if they are captured.

Impress the women in your life with this unique, disguised and useful gift this Valentines Day. Your loved ones will be forever grateful!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Children with Guns in School is the Latest Trend

According to an NBC survey, so far this year, there have been 48 incidents of students carrying a gun on school grounds. Plus, this does not count the children that weren't publicly mentioned.

Photo: WXIA / NBC via Reuters
This is not only limited to certain parts of our country, students in Atlanta, Chicago, North Carolina, Virginia… The list goes on and on. The NBC survey mentioned that an average of more than 2 guns a day are being discovered by school officials. It is believed that some guns are brought in by students for showing off. But the most disturbing is that some kids bring them to school to protect themselves from bullies.

It's understandable for a child to feel they need to protect themselves from bullies, but it is not understandable why a parent would allow a child to take a gun to school. If the parent was not aware of the missing weapon, then they did not keep it in a safe enough place and away from their children. Parents should tell their children, to INFORM A TEACHER at the school, if they don't feel safe!

Our government may have laws, but if parents don't take it into their own hands, to follow the law and be responsible for their children to not carry weapons or be bullies, then what's the point of trying to have a civilized society? 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Connected with Human Trafficking?

Pimps love the Super Bowl, but not for the same reasons us fans do… It's a big sex trafficking business that every year puts more profit in their pockets.

Once a year, many prostitutes are hauled off to wherever the next Super Bowl is being held. Many are under aged and depend on their pimps for survival. But survival has a price and some women and girls during their stay at the yearly event, have sex with men an average of 25 to 50 times per day! Needless to say the annual event is the most profitable for human trafficking. Pimps see dollar signs in every male football fan. In Miami during the 2010 Super Bowl, 10,000 prostitutes, some girls, were taken to the event for sexual encounters! Many of which were underage and undocumented. Some women are taken year round to important events, where many men are expected to show up and want sex.

Police along with Immigration Customs Officials, finally took action in New Orleans. They passed around pamphlets to bars and clubs near the New Orleans stadium. These pamphlets offer information for these women and girl prostitutes who want to escape from this horrible human trafficking business. It offers them shelter and they are treated as victims and not as criminals or illegal immigrants. Officials want to make sure that these victims understand that they will not be deported or arrested, if they make contact for help!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Police Aren't the Only Ones That Can Carry Pepper Guns

Civilians can use these weapons as well. Mace makes them and they are the best thing next to Tasers, for non lethal self defense!

We all remember the police officers, pepper spraying the 99% during the riots last year. But many people don't realize that they can possess a pepper gun as well! The Mace Pepper Gun is made for people like you and me and while they cost a little more than regular sprays, they are very well worth it.

First of all, the Mace non lethal, self defense weapon, can reach the furthest, up to 20 feet away! It shoots a hefty and continuous aerosol, with a punch! Unlike other sprays, it can be shot, upright, sideways or upside down! It doesn't matter what angle you shoot it. The Mace Pepper Gun works with cartridges, just like the police ones, that each contain 6 to 7 blasts, depending on how long you hold the trigger! When the cartridge is emptied, just replace it with another… No need to buy an entire new weapon! When you purchase this gun, it also comes with a convenient, practice water cartridge, to help you get used to it! Another feature it has, is a trigger activated, bright LED flashlight that disorients someone, if you aim at them! Plus, you can also buy a holster for it, sold separately!

The police aren't the only people that can use non lethal spray weapons, we can too! Best thing, you don't even need a permit to carry it! Unless of course you live in a city that doesn't allow the use of self defense sprays.

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