Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stun Pen for Protection at College or Work

Photo by Parker Knight

What can be more handy than having a weapon that looks like a pen or marker at a college campus, office, warehouse, night shift work or any other kind of job?

Simply touch a person with this weapon and they will back off! Touching them for a couple of seconds, will drop them down on the floor! This disguised stun gun will not draw attention when you pull it out for self defense. The Stun Gun Pen 1.2 Million Volts with LED Flashlight is a rechargeable weapon you can take anywhere! Pens are very common at work and college campuses. Others will not think twice by looking at it, that it's for self defense!

Disguised stun gun pen for self defense and rechargeableAs mentioned before, this stun gun pen, has a built-in rechargeable battery, no need to purchase batteries. Just simply plug it into a wall socket to juice it up! It's smooth exterior is made of a rubberized armor coating. This prevents the stun gun from slipping through your fingers, offering you a nice firm grip of the unit. It also has a convenient LED flashlight and comes with a holster, in case you want to hang it on a belt. You can also, simply place it in your purse, backpack or briefcase. It has a Lifetime Warranty, as well!

Feel safer at work, at a college campus, in the streets or anywhere, with this disguised, rechargeable weapon. Have it available, out of the holster and ready to use for self defense, when you feel uneasy about your surroundings!

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