Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Multi-Function UFO Alarm for Home or Personal Defense!

UFO Alarm for door, window, drawer or closet, protection from intruders
This unique alarm can be used for personal defense as well as for home security. It has many convenient applications for doors and windows and can even be set from outside your home entrance while closing the door to step out! 

They thought about everything when they made this UFO Alarm. Its great for personal defense because with just pushing a button or pulling the disable wrist strap, you can set it off! The loud 120 decibel screeching sound, lets others know that you are in danger. It also has a handy LED flashlight.

This UFO Alarm can also be attached to a window, door or even a desk or closet drawer. It comes with all the accessories necessary for applying it in a way that others can't tell that there is an alarm hidden and ready to set off an ear piercing, screeching sound! What is so impressive about his item is that you can step out of your home entrance and still be able to set it to go off if the door is opened by an intruder! The UFO comes with a unique accessory that allows you to set it from the outside of your home entrance. This allows your neighbors to hear it, if a home intruder decides to enter and steel your stuff! You can also use the same accessory for windows, drawers or closets. When this accessory is applied, intruders will not be able to see that the UFO is present!

The UFO offers security that is definitely out of this world! Get one for personal defense and for your home doors and windows. Plus it's great security for your valuables, as well. Go directly to this item's website for application examples!

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