Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heart Shaped Pepper Spray Perfect for a Valentines Day Gift

What could be more appropriate than to give your loved ones a unique gift of personal defense and it be shaped like a heart, as well?

Valentines is right around the corner and if you really want your loved ones to know you care, offer them a gift they can use for personal defense. The Perfume Heart Shape Pepper Spray is a unique and desirable gift for women. Most women prefer gifts that are beautiful, convenient and useful. This disguised personal defense weapon will impress them this Valentines Day and they will definitely include it along with the other items in their purse. PLUS, please don't forget to tell them that IT IS NOT REAL PERFUME. You definitely don't want them to pepper spray themselves... yikes!

This disguised Perfume Heart Shape Pepper Spray for women, can reach up to 7 feet, contains 5 to 6 shots and has 18% concentration of pepper, versus only 10% that others have. The higher percentage, makes it hotter and more devastating to a would be attacker. It also has a UV Dye that marks an attacker's face when you spray them. This helps authorities identify him or her if they are captured.

Impress the women in your life with this unique, disguised and useful gift this Valentines Day. Your loved ones will be forever grateful!

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