Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Connected with Human Trafficking?

Pimps love the Super Bowl, but not for the same reasons us fans do… It's a big sex trafficking business that every year puts more profit in their pockets.

Once a year, many prostitutes are hauled off to wherever the next Super Bowl is being held. Many are under aged and depend on their pimps for survival. But survival has a price and some women and girls during their stay at the yearly event, have sex with men an average of 25 to 50 times per day! Needless to say the annual event is the most profitable for human trafficking. Pimps see dollar signs in every male football fan. In Miami during the 2010 Super Bowl, 10,000 prostitutes, some girls, were taken to the event for sexual encounters! Many of which were underage and undocumented. Some women are taken year round to important events, where many men are expected to show up and want sex.

Police along with Immigration Customs Officials, finally took action in New Orleans. They passed around pamphlets to bars and clubs near the New Orleans stadium. These pamphlets offer information for these women and girl prostitutes who want to escape from this horrible human trafficking business. It offers them shelter and they are treated as victims and not as criminals or illegal immigrants. Officials want to make sure that these victims understand that they will not be deported or arrested, if they make contact for help!

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