Friday, February 1, 2013

Police Aren't the Only Ones That Can Carry Pepper Guns

Civilians can use these weapons as well. Mace makes them and they are the best thing next to Tasers, for non lethal self defense!

We all remember the police officers, pepper spraying the 99% during the riots last year. But many people don't realize that they can possess a pepper gun as well! The Mace Pepper Gun is made for people like you and me and while they cost a little more than regular sprays, they are very well worth it.

First of all, the Mace non lethal, self defense weapon, can reach the furthest, up to 20 feet away! It shoots a hefty and continuous aerosol, with a punch! Unlike other sprays, it can be shot, upright, sideways or upside down! It doesn't matter what angle you shoot it. The Mace Pepper Gun works with cartridges, just like the police ones, that each contain 6 to 7 blasts, depending on how long you hold the trigger! When the cartridge is emptied, just replace it with another… No need to buy an entire new weapon! When you purchase this gun, it also comes with a convenient, practice water cartridge, to help you get used to it! Another feature it has, is a trigger activated, bright LED flashlight that disorients someone, if you aim at them! Plus, you can also buy a holster for it, sold separately!

The police aren't the only people that can use non lethal spray weapons, we can too! Best thing, you don't even need a permit to carry it! Unless of course you live in a city that doesn't allow the use of self defense sprays.

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