Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stylish Mace Pepper Spray Leather Plus Cases

Self defense has never been so stylish, with Leather Plus cases in 5 different colors, to complement any women's wardrobe. Go to nightclubs, malls, college or any other destination, knowing you have personal protection!

Us women need to be cautious wherever we go… Unfortunately, that is just the way it is. We need to get into the habit of always carrying some sort of self defense item. Just like you buckle up a seat belt when you ride in a car, you should also carry some personal protection, such as the Mace Pepper Spray Leather Plus Case. You can hang them on your key ring, or put them in your briefcase, purse or backpack. Look for them under the Mace category on our website!

The stylish Mace Pepper Spray Leather Plus cases aren't just pretty, they are also a very powerful self defense weapon for women, and affordable as well! Check out the following details…

Mace Pepper Spray Leather Plus Case
✓ Proven personal protection for decades
✓ Reaches up to 10 feet
✓ Contains 15 short bursts
✓ Locking safety cap, just twist and press down
✓ Glow in the dark cap, to easily find in a purse
✓ Invisible UV Dye, allows police to identify a criminal
✓ Convenient Leather Plus Case with key ring
✓ Expiration date on every unit

Carry this stylish self defense pepper spray weapon with confidence, wherever you go. Make it a habit to have it ready, prior to any potential risky situation!

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