Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wasp Spray is Not a Substitute for Pepper Spray

You will find many articles on the Internet encouraging people to use an insect spray for self defense, instead of pepper spray… Don't be mislead by this misguided suggestion!

I'll admit, years ago, I rigged up a solution myself. When I was a teenager, I carried a water pistol filled with toxic ammonia in my purse. Fortunately, I never had to use it! I'm glad I didn't and I hope the following information will convince you not to use this dangerous and popular suggestion, spreading through the Internet.

Many people out there are considering using Wasp spray for self defense. If you are one of them, don't even think about it! First of all, it is considered poisonous. It also can cause permanent damage and is toxic and flammable too! Therefore, you can end up severely incapacitating a person or even killing them. Precautions on the Wasp can, states the poisonous hazards very clearly. If you use it for other reasons instead of what it was intended for, you might get prison time or a huge law suit!

Pepper spray will disable a person temporarily, but does not cause permanent damage or kill someone. It's not worth going to jail because you used Wasp spray for self defense. An attorney would have a field day, laying out all the hazards this insect spray has and how you were aware of it's dangers! This would, most definitely send you straight to the slammer.

Be smart. Use pepper spray as a self defense weapon, that temporarily incapacitates, instead of a substance that can kill someone. Using a toxic or poisonous solution for self defense, is not a good idea!

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