Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Children with Guns in School is the Latest Trend

According to an NBC survey, so far this year, there have been 48 incidents of students carrying a gun on school grounds. Plus, this does not count the children that weren't publicly mentioned.

Photo: WXIA / NBC via Reuters
This is not only limited to certain parts of our country, students in Atlanta, Chicago, North Carolina, Virginia… The list goes on and on. The NBC survey mentioned that an average of more than 2 guns a day are being discovered by school officials. It is believed that some guns are brought in by students for showing off. But the most disturbing is that some kids bring them to school to protect themselves from bullies.

It's understandable for a child to feel they need to protect themselves from bullies, but it is not understandable why a parent would allow a child to take a gun to school. If the parent was not aware of the missing weapon, then they did not keep it in a safe enough place and away from their children. Parents should tell their children, to INFORM A TEACHER at the school, if they don't feel safe!

Our government may have laws, but if parents don't take it into their own hands, to follow the law and be responsible for their children to not carry weapons or be bullies, then what's the point of trying to have a civilized society? 

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