Friday, December 30, 2011

Help Your New Years Resolution Come True

Are you serious about keeping your new years resolution beyond the first week of the year? If you think you might encounter safety obstacles, here are 4 tools that could help you keep your new years resolution!

Mace Pepper Spray Walking Weights
For those of you that like to run, jog or walk, this item will definitely keep you safe. I'm talking about these two weights by Mace that actually have a hidden pepper spray in one of them. The end of one of these weights has a button you press and instantly equips you with a pepper spray weapon! Other features include a hidden compartment for your keys, hand straps and foam covered hand grips for non-slip comfort. The pepper spray reaches a distance of up to 10 feet and comes with a FREE refill unit. Each Hot Walker weighs 1 pound.

Mace Jogger Pepper Spray

Here is another safety product that can help you if you walk, jog or run. This next item is for those of you who don't care to workout with weights! It is the Mace Jogger. A convenient velcro hand strap is around it for easy gripping while you do your exercise routine. It can spray from 8 to 12 feet away.

TacKnots Survival Bracelets for Hiking

Are you the kind that likes to be around nature, go through trails and hike? Here is an item that can come in handy during those wilderness hiking escapades. These bracelets can also be a rope tool! On occasion, while you hike, you might encounter the need for one of these handy TacKnots bracelets. For each inch of bracelet, there is a foot of cord which could be convenient for hiking. You can get them in 7, 8 and 9 inches, plus there are several colors to choose from. Feel more prepared while you hike!

8 Function LED Flashing Safety Light

If biking is your thing, this product is a must! Great for dark stormy days or night biking. You never know when you might go for an errand and it gets dark before you get home! It has 5 really bright LED lights with 7 different flashing functions which includes a strobe one. This handy safety tool is great for night running or walking too.

There you have it. No excuse to stop your resolution from becoming true. Have fun and stay safe and fit, this coming year and beyond!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

4 Detroit Women Found Dead in Car Trunks

Photo by le calmar
Here we go again. Another serial killer, this time in Detroit. This person seems to be killing young women and apparently focusing on women that work for escort services. This time it is not related to a Craigslist ad, but rather to another classified advertising website called Two women were killed last week and two more where found dead this Christmas, making authorities think there is another serial killer out there. All four women were placed in car trunks and three of the four women were from an escort service advertised on These last two women where found in the trunk of a vehicle that was set on fire.

Seems like killing women who work as escorts or prostitutes is becoming a popular crime for serial killers now a days. Finding them on websites such as makes them an easy target too! It wasn't too long ago when they arrested the Ohio prostitute killer and also the horrible findings of prostitute's bodies in New York's Long Island Beach. Lets just hope that whoever is committing these crimes is captured immediately. The sooner they arrest this murderer the more it might discourage others from imitating him.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Taser C2 Safety Gift for The Holidays

What can be better than giving a person a year round protection gift that is as effective as police protection?
The Taser C2 is a citizen Taser that has the same muscle disabling strength that police weapons have. The only difference is the distance it can reach. While police units can reach up to a maximum of 35 feet, the Taser C2 can reach 15 feet.

Why buy a Taser for a safety gift instead of a firearm?
• Non lethal
• Laser aiming
• LED Light
• Stun gun backup
• No permit required in most States
• No kickback
• No cleaning!

The Taser C2 has laser sight for perfect aiming. Laser sight is a red beam of light that shows up as a red dot on whomever you are trying to aim at... You don't have to have perfect aim to use this weapon for safety! Shooting a Taser doesn't pull or push you back, like a firearm would... You don't have to be very strong to use a Taser. No need to clean messy gun powder off, like you occasionally would need to with a fire arm... It is maintenance free! This weapon has a 10 year battery shelf life or enough juice for 50, 30-second shots!  PLUS, Did you know that a Taser C2, keeps tasing for 30 seconds while you escape by placing it on the ground? AND if stolen Taser International will replace it for FREE? All you would need is a police report of the incident.

A safety gift for the holidays shows that you deeply care about your loved ones.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Year's Exercising Resolution Made Safer

Photo by Ed Yourdon

Thinking of getting in shape by exercising for the new year? Hopefully your resolution will come true! We, in turn, want to make your workout safer and therefore more enjoyable. How's that you might ask? Assuming that one of the exercises you might be considering is jogging or walking, feeling scared or insecure is not a good way to start your new year's resolution.  Many joggers or walkers, especially women, sometimes feel intimidated by going into areas they are not used to going through by foot and also by seeing strangers or people they don't know.

Start your exercise resolution on a positive note, take Mace Pepper Spray Jogger with you! This special Mace pepper spray has a strap to make it easy for you to carry in your hand, while you run, jog or walk. The Mace Pepper Spray Jogger can reach up to 12 feet away and you can shoot as many as 10 bursts!

One of the benefits of exercising outdoors is the wonderful feeling of freedom and being around nature. Don't ever feel scared during your workouts. Especially because you will probably continue to exercise for the rest of your life!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Party Safety During the Holidays

Photo by Bruce Turner
There's excitement in the air, parties are being planned for the holidays and New Years. All over the world most people are getting prepared to get all dressed up and they are looking forward to having a great time with family and friends! With all the anticipation and hoopla, some people forget some common sense safety tips. Here's where WomenOnGuard, comes into the scene! We want everyone out there to remember some party safety tips for the holidays. Some tips you might recognize from previous posts, but there are also some new ones added...

Holiday and New Years Party Safety Tips
  • When drinking any beverage, always keep an eye on your drink
  • Never drink any kind of beverage from a punch bowl or open container
  • Never share a drink
  • If you order a drink from a waiter, request that it be in a closed container
  • Don't accept an open drink from anyone, unless you watched them pour it
  • Drugs used to spike drinks can be colorless and tasteless so you might not realize that anything has been added
  • Be aware of the behavior of your friends. Is their behavior out of character? Do they seem too "out of it" for what they've drank, leave the party immediately and don't go back
  • If you still want to be even more cautious, consider purchasing drink testing strips
  • When meeting a new person, make sure to introduce him or her to your friends. Point out some features to your friends about this new person, example: "Doesn't he have beautiful green eyes and check out his tattoo!" (important police info)
  • Never leave a party with someone you just met
  • Choose your designated driver before you go to a party with a group
  • If you're intoxicated, alone and leaving, have the host/bartender call a taxi
Please keep these safety tips in mind for the holidays and New Years, plus always take with you a self defense weapon!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pepper Spray Safety Gifts

This Holiday, impress your loved ones with a gift that shows you care. A safety product such as pepper spray is a unique and useful gift, a person would truly appreciate. Your safety gift can help someone defend themselves in case they are ever confronted with danger.

Pepper spray now a days come in their usual containers and disguised as well. Some pepper sprays look like lipstick, perfume, pen, pager, walking weights or even a gun! These holiday gifts can cost as low as $6 and can also be bought in bulk rate, if you plan to give them to many friends and relatives. You can get them as regular stream sprays or as gel, foam and even the latest; powder form!

Feel free to browse through our safety pepper sprays. Check out our Mace brands and also our Streetwise and PepperBall HotShot spray for the holidays! Help your family and friends be safe all year round!

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