Tuesday, December 27, 2011

4 Detroit Women Found Dead in Car Trunks

Photo by le calmar
Here we go again. Another serial killer, this time in Detroit. This person seems to be killing young women and apparently focusing on women that work for escort services. This time it is not related to a Craigslist ad, but rather to another classified advertising website called backpage.com. Two women were killed last week and two more where found dead this Christmas, making authorities think there is another serial killer out there. All four women were placed in car trunks and three of the four women were from an escort service advertised on backpage.com. These last two women where found in the trunk of a vehicle that was set on fire.

Seems like killing women who work as escorts or prostitutes is becoming a popular crime for serial killers now a days. Finding them on websites such as backpage.com makes them an easy target too! It wasn't too long ago when they arrested the Ohio prostitute killer and also the horrible findings of prostitute's bodies in New York's Long Island Beach. Lets just hope that whoever is committing these crimes is captured immediately. The sooner they arrest this murderer the more it might discourage others from imitating him.
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