Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Taser C2 Safety Gift for The Holidays

What can be better than giving a person a year round protection gift that is as effective as police protection?
The Taser C2 is a citizen Taser that has the same muscle disabling strength that police weapons have. The only difference is the distance it can reach. While police units can reach up to a maximum of 35 feet, the Taser C2 can reach 15 feet.

Why buy a Taser for a safety gift instead of a firearm?
• Non lethal
• Laser aiming
• LED Light
• Stun gun backup
• No permit required in most States
• No kickback
• No cleaning!

The Taser C2 has laser sight for perfect aiming. Laser sight is a red beam of light that shows up as a red dot on whomever you are trying to aim at... You don't have to have perfect aim to use this weapon for safety! Shooting a Taser doesn't pull or push you back, like a firearm would... You don't have to be very strong to use a Taser. No need to clean messy gun powder off, like you occasionally would need to with a fire arm... It is maintenance free! This weapon has a 10 year battery shelf life or enough juice for 50, 30-second shots!  PLUS, Did you know that a Taser C2, keeps tasing for 30 seconds while you escape by placing it on the ground? AND if stolen Taser International will replace it for FREE? All you would need is a police report of the incident.

A safety gift for the holidays shows that you deeply care about your loved ones.
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