Friday, December 9, 2011

Party Safety During the Holidays

Photo by Bruce Turner
There's excitement in the air, parties are being planned for the holidays and New Years. All over the world most people are getting prepared to get all dressed up and they are looking forward to having a great time with family and friends! With all the anticipation and hoopla, some people forget some common sense safety tips. Here's where WomenOnGuard, comes into the scene! We want everyone out there to remember some party safety tips for the holidays. Some tips you might recognize from previous posts, but there are also some new ones added...

Holiday and New Years Party Safety Tips
  • When drinking any beverage, always keep an eye on your drink
  • Never drink any kind of beverage from a punch bowl or open container
  • Never share a drink
  • If you order a drink from a waiter, request that it be in a closed container
  • Don't accept an open drink from anyone, unless you watched them pour it
  • Drugs used to spike drinks can be colorless and tasteless so you might not realize that anything has been added
  • Be aware of the behavior of your friends. Is their behavior out of character? Do they seem too "out of it" for what they've drank, leave the party immediately and don't go back
  • If you still want to be even more cautious, consider purchasing drink testing strips
  • When meeting a new person, make sure to introduce him or her to your friends. Point out some features to your friends about this new person, example: "Doesn't he have beautiful green eyes and check out his tattoo!" (important police info)
  • Never leave a party with someone you just met
  • Choose your designated driver before you go to a party with a group
  • If you're intoxicated, alone and leaving, have the host/bartender call a taxi
Please keep these safety tips in mind for the holidays and New Years, plus always take with you a self defense weapon!
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