Monday, December 5, 2011

Pepper Spray Safety Gifts

This Holiday, impress your loved ones with a gift that shows you care. A safety product such as pepper spray is a unique and useful gift, a person would truly appreciate. Your safety gift can help someone defend themselves in case they are ever confronted with danger.

Pepper spray now a days come in their usual containers and disguised as well. Some pepper sprays look like lipstick, perfume, pen, pager, walking weights or even a gun! These holiday gifts can cost as low as $6 and can also be bought in bulk rate, if you plan to give them to many friends and relatives. You can get them as regular stream sprays or as gel, foam and even the latest; powder form!

Feel free to browse through our safety pepper sprays. Check out our Mace brands and also our Streetwise and PepperBall HotShot spray for the holidays! Help your family and friends be safe all year round!
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