Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NEW! Police Force Tactical Pen w/ Light and DNA Collector

Why have an ordinary pen with you, when you can have one that not only writes, but has a flashlight, can be used as a kubotan, has a glass breaker and can help get DNA from an attacker?

Our newest product in our store is a self defense pen with incredible features, you won’t want to be without. It’s called the Police Force Tactical Pen w/ Light and DNA Collector. First of all it’s made with Military Grade aluminum which makes it virtually indestructible. It’s shock proof and includes an 80 lumens flashlight that can temporarily blind or distract a criminal. Around the flashlight is a sharp edge that can be used as a glass breaker. A glass breaker is very handy if you are trapped in a car… This particular edge can also be used as a DNA collector, as well! Furthermore, the pointed end can be used as a self defense kubotan weapon, too!

You can take this self defense military grade aluminum, Police Force Tactical Pen w/ Light and DNA Collector, wherever you go; work, college, nightclub… Oh, by the way, it also has a handy clip, just like other pens do. Definitely a keeper that that will last through family generations!

This incredible military grade aluminum, tactical pen, also uses standard ink refills and has a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defect.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Introducing: Vampire Pepper Spray With A Touch Of Garlic!

Our newest self defense unit deters evil rapists or vampires from attacking women. No need to fear sundown, with this powerful unit in your hand.
This unit is called the Vampire Pepper Spray With A Touch Of Garlic… Modern society doesn’t believe in vampires, but they are out there… They’re called rapists! They usually attack on dark nights, alleys and poorly lit, isolated areas. Some even go into your home…

This self defense spray for women, actually does have a touch of Garlic, mixed in with the pepper! Simply aim the unit to a rapist’s eyes and watch them cry in agony and not be able to open their eyes, from all the pain! Once you see they are incapacitated, turn around and escape as fast as possible. Never stay around, the effects are temporary!

The Vampire self defense unit contains 6-10 shots of the hot pepper spray and reaches 8 feet away. It also has a convenient quick key release keychain! Most other units don’t have such a convenient feature for women. It allows you to use the unit, even if you have your keys in a car ignition or a house door lock. You can snap the ring off and still spray an attacker! Plus, like most pepper spray units, it also includes a UV Marking Dye, that facilitates authorities in identifying a criminal or rapist!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Personal Protection Package Includes The Essentials For Women’s Safety

This women’s package includes a pepper spray, stun gun, personal alarm and a date rape drug test strips small folder.

Ladies, we all know that women get raped way too often in our country. Statistics prove that 1 out of every 6 American women has been a victim of attempted or completed rape (14.8% completed rape; 2.8% attempted rape). This information is from the RAINN Organization; Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. We hear about other country’s rapes, but don’t realize that we ALSO have an epidemic of women being raped in our own county!

The products below, have proved to be efficient in preventing sexual assaults against women. The following are brief descriptions of each self defense unit!

Personal Protection Package

Pepper Spray - Available in Soft or Hard case pepper spray. Reaches from 5 to 7 feet away and contains 6 shots which include a UV Marking Dye, that facilitates authorities in identifying a criminal or rapist.

Stun Gun - Available in pink, purple or black stun guns (a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer). Units have 8.8 Million Volts of takedown power. Includes features such as LED light, disable pin, built-in charger and more! More Info.

Personal Alarm - Includes 120dB panic sound to fend off attackers or notify others of an emergency. The personal alarm also has an LED light and convenient keychain, plus battery is included. More Info.

Date Rape Drug Test Strips - Includes 5 cards with 2 tests each. A total of 10. The Date Rape Drug Test Strips are easy to use… simply place a drop of your drink on the strip and check it’s color. It is best to perform test in a ladies room, for privacy. More Info.

Be safe, and purchase this Package for you or someone you love!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The DoorJammer - A Simple Way To Protect Your Door From Intruders

Be it a college dorm room, home or office entrance… this DoorJammer unit will prevent intruders from entering into your private space!

It’s a no brainer to use and works on most home doors that have at least a 1/8” small gap under them. This unit is made solid and weighs only 8 ounces! The DoorJammer, works on any kind of door or floor! It’s perfect for college dorms, private homes and business or office entrances. The unit is easy to put into place and only measuring 4.75 inches high x 2.75 inches wide. Perfect for preventing intruders.

You don’t need an expensive alarm system to protect your space or have annoying intruders, interrupting your privacy! Buy an inexpensive DoorJammer for privacy in your home, college dorm or office entrances!

A Personal Alarm, That Protects You And Your Stuff!

This personal alarm not only lets others know that you're in danger, but also has a motion sensor that lets you know if someone is meddling with your stuff!

Our website has many units, but this particular unit is the only one that also includes a motion detector. This unit called the Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector, is for anyone that needs to notify others, if they are in danger. But, it's also handy for protecting things, such as a laptop, briefcase, desk drawer and more.

The unit will let others know if you are in a dangerous situation. All you have to do is pull up the pin above the unit to set off the screeching 100 decibels. To stop the alarm from sounding, simply push the pin down.

To protect your property, just pull up the top half of the unit, to expose the white sensor. To protect an item from others, simply place it in a vibration free area and pointing towards something you want others not to touch! If someone moves the item you placed in any way, the alarm will go off, letting you know that someone was tampering with your stuff! This small unit can detect movement up to 10 feet away and horizontally detect an area of 30 degrees! Just remember to NOT place the unit pointing to something that has movement behind it… such as a coffee pot… Any movement detected by the Passive Infrared sensor, will set the unit off!

The Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector also includes an LED light and handy wrist strap. Batteries are included.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This Pepper Spray Perfume Is To Shoot, Not To Wear!

Using a self defense weapon that is disguised, gives women the upper hand, on a would be rapist or attacker.

When a woman pulls out a perfume container, nobody thinks twice. That’s the beauty of having a pepper spray weapon which looks like an ordinary women’s accessory!

But this is not your ordinary little container, it’s really a self defense unit called the Disguised Pepper Spray Perfume. When you take it out of your purse, pocket or briefcase, a potential rapist will think that you are just touching up!

Simply aim this disguised unit at a rapist or attacker’s eyes and watch them cry like a baby and not be able to open their eyes… This gives us women an opportunity to leave immediately! This perfume disguised unit can reach 7 feet away and contains 5-6 shots! It only measures 3 1/2 inches x 1 inch. Since this self defense weapon it small, you can take it anywhere with you. As other pepper spray units, it also includes a UV Marking Dye, that facilitates authorities in identifying a criminal or rapist. This unit is available in heart and round shape and has a choice of 3 colors: pink, purple and black!

PLUS… If you purchase the pink unit, a portion of the proceeds goes to fight BREAST CANCER!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

NEW! Mace Rhinestone Lipstick Pepper Sprays

These beautiful, fashionable Rhinestone units for women, are the latest addition to our Mace Lipstick Pepper Spray Category. Real protection, disguised in a fashionable design.

The self defense units are available in pink, silver and black. They’re glamorous and look like a regular, exquisite, real lipstick container! But, if an attacker decides to do you harm, he will be in for a surprise…

First of all, the disguised Mace Rhinestone Lipstick Pepper Spray for women, includes 5 bursts and can shoot a stream of up to 10 feet away! It has a safety cap and a convenient key ring which makes it perfectly beautiful to carry it with you.

As other self defense units, when using this Mace, rhinestone disguised beautiful unit, us women should aim toward an attacker’s eyes! When the stream contacts their face, they will feel an incredible burning sensation. They will have to close their eyes from all the burning pain… This prevents them from seeing where you are. If that’s not enough, the self defense unit will also make an attacker have a coughing spell and the powerful pepper spray can also creep into their mouth, nose and even their lungs! All this activity is temporary and you should leave the scene immediately! Don't stick around to watch…

Ladies, personal protection hasn't been easier. These units are so beautiful, that they also make great conscientious gifts, as well!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Teacher Accused Of Sexual Assault With A Minor

A 22 year old teacher, Jackson Hedrick, was arrested for having sexual relations with a 14 year old female student, considered a minor.

Jackson Hedrick, 22 yr. old teacher, arrested for having sex with a 14 year old female student.
Jackson Hedrick, a social studies teacher at Irving Middle School had intimate relations, private messages with indecent text and purchased alcohol for an underage, 14 year old female student. He was arrested on March 17th.

Investigations also confirmed sexual contact with the female student, so the teacher, Jackson Hedrick, was also charged with 1st degree sexual assault felony.

Dr. Susette Taylor, the Principal of the school discussed the sexual assault incident of the minor in a press conference and also notified parents of the sexual assault. She also mentioned that the accused has been placed on administrative leave and is not permitted to enter school property.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's A No Brainer To Still Go To A Gym And Exercise!

This blog information has been collected from various articles. It is not to imply that  following the statements below, will prevent or cure Alzheimer’s.

Many women and men go to gyms for workouts. Probably because of all the commercials and ads you see from fitness centers.

Let’s open our minds here, for a few minutes... Unless you are planning to lift over a hundred pounds on a daily basis, all you really need is to just have some nice muscle tone. Just enough strength to pick up a baby, laundry basket, clean your home or wash your car! You get the idea…

But there is also another aspect to consider; having a sharp mind… That’s right, a sharp mind. Many people now a days also worry about their brains as well. Especially as you get older and the Alzheimer’s epidemic! Doing pushups or lifting weights, over and over again, is not going to give men or women a sharp mind. The brain needs to be stimulated.

The best way to exercise is to use your muscles AND stimulate your brain. Therefore, an activity such as walking or running outdoors or in a mall if the weather outside is bad, seems to be more helpful for your body and mind. Think about it… You have to watch your step, keep an eye out for cars, watch for sidewalk bumps, pass and wave to new people, breath fresh air from the trees outdoors… In order to not fall over, you have to be alert of your surroundings and that involves using your brain. You see new things, not just a pair of handles on your elliptical all the time. It's good for your mind! The more you engage your brain and see or notice different things while you are walking or running, the better. Plus, you can exercise in different places, like parks, beaches or any other place you might want to explore! Reading a book or magazine, wouldn’t hurt either…

Doing the exact same thing over and over is like being a hamster on a wheel. We are not saying that walking or running outdoors will prevent women or men from getting Alzheimer’s, but it will stimulate you mentally! Exercise and explore the neighborhood, a change of scenery is good. It’s better for your body and your brain...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Protect Your Pet With Mace Muzzle Dog Attack Spray

This specially prepared mace spray self defense unit for dogs, prevents aggressive ones from attacking you or your own pet. It’s the humane way to stop canine attacks.

Unfortunately, sometimes we get approached by an aggressive canine when we are walking alone or with our own pet. Let’s face it, not all owners of aggressive canines, have them on a leash or use a muzzle on them… We have on our website the Mace Muzzle Dog Attack Defense Spray.  It’s a must if you take your pet to canine parks, where they might encounter aggressive pooches! Plus, it's a good idea to carry it, if you like to walk around your neighborhood, jog or ride a bicycle…All you have to do is aim it at the canine’s eyes, nose or mouth.

The Mace Muzzle Dog Attack Defense Spray reaches 10 feet and includes 10 bursts. It has a safety cap, finger grip dispenser, belt clip and keychain!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Did You Know Mace Pepper GEL Comes With A Flashlight?

It’s very convenient for women’s self defense because you can shine it on a rapist’s eyes and temporarily blind them. Plus the Gel, sticks to their face!
We all know that us women like to go to nightclubs or for a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant. Unfortunately these outings take place at night and most crimes occur when it’s dark out. The Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender is a self defense solution for us ladies to avoid crimes!

First of all, it doesn’t shoot a pepper liquid spray stream, but rather a gel burst that sticks to the face. The substance is thicker and therefore harder to take off, if you direct it to a rapist’s face. The pepper spray gel, get’s in their eyes and it will burn so much that they will develop tears in their eyes! The  solution is also thicker, so it’s less likely to blow back at you if there are breezy conditions. This Mace unit will also make them cough temporarily since most likely they will inhale the substance that can reach their respiratory system!

The included flashlight is an extra bonus for this self defense unit! It really makes it harder for a rapist to see you and disorients them if you point it towards their eyes. This unit measures 4.75" x 1.5" x 2.25", reaches up to 18 feet and contains 10 to 20 short bursts. Plus like all Mace spray units for women, it includes a UV Marking Dye, that facilitates authorities in identifying a criminal.

Friday, March 13, 2015

What Woman Hasn't Heard About Mace?

It's like asking; what man has never heard of a Lamborghini! Some brands are around for decades, proving that they're effective.

Mace pepper spray is a brand many women and men know about. In fact, some people call other defense sprays; Mace. Even though they have a completely different name. That's how powerful and well known the brand is!

We carry Mace self defense pepper spray for women or men. Actually, we carry 55 different units and accessories! There are hard cases, soft cases, batons, disguised units that look like lipstick or a gun, as well! Disguised units bring an element of surprise to a would be attacker! You will find convenient small units that are refillable, too. The refillable self defense units in particular, are perfect for minimalist women that don't like to carry bulging purses with them! Plus, of course, many items are available in several colors and shapes to choose from.

Check out all the products, including the disguised ones, that we have on our website. Not all our products are defense sprays either… We also carry stun guns, personal alarms and Tasers for self defense, plus home protection items and more!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

How Do You Feel About Gay Adoption

There's a Bill in Florida now, that would allow gay Floridians to adopt. Of course it will take time to sort  the Bill amendment, but the process has started.

Copyright Associated Press
There are many Florida government officials that don't like change, but strangely enough, the Republican dominated Florida House Of Representatives, supported the Bill amendment. If the Bill is passed, it will allow gay and lesbians to adopt in the southern State.

Will this be an event that will encourage other States to do the same? Will gay and lesbian adoptions, spread throughout our nation? Will the Supreme Court intervene? Only time will tell...

Click HERE for the complete article.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our Stun Master And Runt Stun Guns, Now Have Matching Color/Pattern Holsters To Choose From.

When you purchase these particular self defense units, they automatically come with black nylon holsters. But now, we have extra LEATHERETTE holsters that match the color and pattern of each unit.

Choices and more choices! Now, women or men can choose from a variety of colors and patterns for their self defense units…

The Runt Stun Gun Leatherette Holsters are available in 5 different colors and now you can purchase a matching color for your leatherette holster, to complement your weapon. All of these units include 20 Million volts of power!

The Stun Master Lil Guy Stun Gun Leatherette Holsters (by Stun Master), are available in 6 different colors. Plus, they include 3 more units with a flower, snake skin and animal print patterns. The unit with the flowers has a matching holster, as well! These particular weapons include 7.5 Million volts of power!

Mix and match your favorite colors, for a unique weapon of your own...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Don't Use A Broomstick To Protect Your Sliding Glass Doors Or Regular Doors, Only $24.97

Broomsticks are hideous looking and definitely not a permanent solution for your exterior sliding glass doors.

Not only are they ugly, but they can become brittle and break! If you are still using a broomstick to prevent home intruders, you need to seriously consider an upgrade!

Our website has the more attractive, more secure solution! It's called the Dual Function Door Brace for only $24.97! Dual, because it can be used on sliding glass doors, as well as regular doors. It's made with strong 20 gauge steel to prevent intruders and it's length can be adjusted to fit both your sliding glass doors and your metal or wood regular doors! This unit has 2 different ends. One that hugs a normal door knob if you place it at an angle. The second end, prevents it from slipping or scratching the floor. Plus, if you simply lay it completely down on a glass door entrance, it will prevent an intruder from coming into your home. It has a baked enamel finish and is certainly more attractive than a broomstick!

This unit is designed to brace and fit most doors and prevent home intruders… The Dual Function Door Brace can be adjusted from 31" to 45 1/2", with increments in-between. Lifetime Guarantee included! Great protection for just $24.97!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Personal Protection Alarm With 130dB, Alerts Others That You Are In Distress!

Personal protection alarms are a must for women, college students, seniors and people who live in a large city or in States that don't allow self defense items, such as pepper spray or Tasers.

This Personal Protection Alarm with 130dB has an incredibly loud beep and will definitely notify others that you are in an emergency situation. It's incredible 130dB sound is the highest pitch allowed for citizens in the USA. Perfect for women, students or seniors to fend off attackers or for others to hear that you are in distress! A must have if you live in a heavy populated city and only costs $8.95! Some nursing homes even use it for their patients to help them notify staff, if they need help…

This particular unit multitasks, as well!  First of all, it has a wrist strap that if pulled from the unit, will set off the alarm! Also included is a convenient clip on the back that you can attach to your purse, pants, skirt or pocket. If that's not enough… the unit also comes with a convenient lanyard that includes a key ring!

Perfect 130dB personal protection for women, college students, seniors or if you live in a crowded city. This unit requires a 9-volt battery that is not included.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Let's Take Matters Into Our Own Hands!

Don't depend on others for your self defense. Become a powerful, self sufficient woman and protect yourself from criminals and rapists.

Since when do women need to be babysitted? We've come a long way baby… as the saying goes! Ladies like us don't depend on men to protect us, thanks to all the self defense products available for the weaker sex, NOT! Smart ladies like us carry effective weapons against criminals, such as pepper spray, stun guns and Tasers! We walk proud, stand up straight and don't look helpless… Rapists are less likely to deal with strong looking women who walk proud and don't look weak. They are predators that search for fragile looking women to become their prey!

Ladies, you don't have to have huge muscles for personal protection. At Women On Guard, we have many non lethal pepper spray, stun guns and Taser weapons that are effective units you can use against criminals or rapists and they won't land you in prison.

Become a safe and smart woman. Take matters into your own hands! We might physically be the weaker sex, but we are smart enough to know how to defend ourselves with weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, Tasers and more! Spread the word, let your female friends know about their self defense options.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mace Pepper Spray Purple Hard Case For Women's Self Defense, Only $9.99!

Mace has been around for decades and they are the leader for selling pepper spray units to women and men throughout the USA!

The brand is trusted for it's dependability and one of their units, the Mace Pepper Spray Purple Hard Key Case is no exception. This self defense unit is now on sale for only $9.99! It includes 10 short bursts and can reach 10 feet away. It offers a comfortable distance from you and a would be attacker.

This Mace Pepper Spray Purple Hard Key Case for women or men also includes a UV Invisible Dye, to help authorities confirm, if they have captured the right individual or attacker. A handy belt clip is included along with a convenient key ring. It's small, only 3.625"h x 1"w x 1.375"d. Plus, it's on sale for just $9.99! Other units are available in blue, red and black.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pepper Spray Also Comes In Foam And Expands When It Reaches An Attacker's Face!

Many people are unaware that some self defense pepper spray units have thick foam which expands! This makes it virtually impossible, when aiming, to miss your attacker or rapist's face.

When using the Streetwise Pepper Foam or for that matter any pepper spray unit, you should always aim at their eyes. The reason is because when they get it in their eyes, it will burn and hurt so much that they will have to close them, therefore the attacker or rapist will not be able to see a thing! The burning effect, which can also be inhaled through their nose, is temporary but it allows enough time for you to escape safely! PLUS, the fumes from the pepper are retained in the foam, so it doesn't affect those around the person who was sprayed. This makes it ideal for self defense when used in nightclubs, concerts, casinos, schools or any other crowded area!

This particular 12 ounce pepper spray unit includes 6 shots and can reach 5 to 7 feet away for self defense. It also includes a convenient key ring that's attached to the leatherette pouch and an invisible UV Marking Dye, which authorities can detect, if the attacker or rapist is apprehended!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Lumber Liquidators Using Too Much Formaldehyde

Last Saturday, 60 Minutes exposed a serious heath hazard with laminate flooring, manufactured in China by Lumber Liquidators.

Click HERE for video.
Watch important video from 60 Minutes that may be concerning for your family and friends who recently installed laminate flooring by this manufacturer. Video shows Anderson Cooper exposing Lumber Liquidators by showing videos of Chinese factories making laminate flooring with excessive amounts of Formaldehyde. Factory employee from China on video, admits to using excessive amounts of Formaldehyde and mentions that it was requested by Lumber Liquidators officials. The levels requested, cause conditions the US Environmental Protection Agency considers toxic. Anderson Cooper also interviews Tom Sullivan, founder and chairman of Lumber Liquidators.

Our Latest Lipstick Stun Gun, Now Available In GOLD

This fashionable metallic gold unit can be taken out of your purse, with nobody knowing that it's a self defense weapon… Perfect accessory for women on the go because it looks like a lipstick!

This disguised stun gun with 3 Million Volts, is definitely powerful! Therefore you will not be weak if a lowlife rapist gets a little too aggressive… It only measures 5 inches tall and 1 inch round. Women can put it in their pocket, purse, briefcase or backpack if they are a college student.

The Lipstick Stun Gun Gold 3 Million Volts for self defense, is very simple to use. Women simply need to take out the safety cap from this disguised unit and press a button while touching a rapist! Keep pressing it, until the rapist or attacker drops to the ground and becomes disoriented. This lipstick stun gun also includes a bright flashlight, rechargeable cord (no batteries needed) and is available in 5 colors; pink, red, purple, black and of course, Gold… Self defense has never been so easy when it's disguised!

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