Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The DoorJammer - A Simple Way To Protect Your Door From Intruders

Be it a college dorm room, home or office entrance… this DoorJammer unit will prevent intruders from entering into your private space!

It’s a no brainer to use and works on most home doors that have at least a 1/8” small gap under them. This unit is made solid and weighs only 8 ounces! The DoorJammer, works on any kind of door or floor! It’s perfect for college dorms, private homes and business or office entrances. The unit is easy to put into place and only measuring 4.75 inches high x 2.75 inches wide. Perfect for preventing intruders.

You don’t need an expensive alarm system to protect your space or have annoying intruders, interrupting your privacy! Buy an inexpensive DoorJammer for privacy in your home, college dorm or office entrances!

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