Friday, March 13, 2015

What Woman Hasn't Heard About Mace?

It's like asking; what man has never heard of a Lamborghini! Some brands are around for decades, proving that they're effective.

Mace pepper spray is a brand many women and men know about. In fact, some people call other defense sprays; Mace. Even though they have a completely different name. That's how powerful and well known the brand is!

We carry Mace self defense pepper spray for women or men. Actually, we carry 55 different units and accessories! There are hard cases, soft cases, batons, disguised units that look like lipstick or a gun, as well! Disguised units bring an element of surprise to a would be attacker! You will find convenient small units that are refillable, too. The refillable self defense units in particular, are perfect for minimalist women that don't like to carry bulging purses with them! Plus, of course, many items are available in several colors and shapes to choose from.

Check out all the products, including the disguised ones, that we have on our website. Not all our products are defense sprays either… We also carry stun guns, personal alarms and Tasers for self defense, plus home protection items and more!

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