Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pepper Spray Also Comes In Foam And Expands When It Reaches An Attacker's Face!

Many people are unaware that some self defense pepper spray units have thick foam which expands! This makes it virtually impossible, when aiming, to miss your attacker or rapist's face.

When using the Streetwise Pepper Foam or for that matter any pepper spray unit, you should always aim at their eyes. The reason is because when they get it in their eyes, it will burn and hurt so much that they will have to close them, therefore the attacker or rapist will not be able to see a thing! The burning effect, which can also be inhaled through their nose, is temporary but it allows enough time for you to escape safely! PLUS, the fumes from the pepper are retained in the foam, so it doesn't affect those around the person who was sprayed. This makes it ideal for self defense when used in nightclubs, concerts, casinos, schools or any other crowded area!

This particular 12 ounce pepper spray unit includes 6 shots and can reach 5 to 7 feet away for self defense. It also includes a convenient key ring that's attached to the leatherette pouch and an invisible UV Marking Dye, which authorities can detect, if the attacker or rapist is apprehended!

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