Monday, March 30, 2015

Introducing: Vampire Pepper Spray With A Touch Of Garlic!

Our newest self defense unit deters evil rapists or vampires from attacking women. No need to fear sundown, with this powerful unit in your hand.
This unit is called the Vampire Pepper Spray With A Touch Of Garlic… Modern society doesn’t believe in vampires, but they are out there… They’re called rapists! They usually attack on dark nights, alleys and poorly lit, isolated areas. Some even go into your home…

This self defense spray for women, actually does have a touch of Garlic, mixed in with the pepper! Simply aim the unit to a rapist’s eyes and watch them cry in agony and not be able to open their eyes, from all the pain! Once you see they are incapacitated, turn around and escape as fast as possible. Never stay around, the effects are temporary!

The Vampire self defense unit contains 6-10 shots of the hot pepper spray and reaches 8 feet away. It also has a convenient quick key release keychain! Most other units don’t have such a convenient feature for women. It allows you to use the unit, even if you have your keys in a car ignition or a house door lock. You can snap the ring off and still spray an attacker! Plus, like most pepper spray units, it also includes a UV Marking Dye, that facilitates authorities in identifying a criminal or rapist!

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