Friday, March 6, 2015

Let's Take Matters Into Our Own Hands!

Don't depend on others for your self defense. Become a powerful, self sufficient woman and protect yourself from criminals and rapists.

Since when do women need to be babysitted? We've come a long way baby… as the saying goes! Ladies like us don't depend on men to protect us, thanks to all the self defense products available for the weaker sex, NOT! Smart ladies like us carry effective weapons against criminals, such as pepper spray, stun guns and Tasers! We walk proud, stand up straight and don't look helpless… Rapists are less likely to deal with strong looking women who walk proud and don't look weak. They are predators that search for fragile looking women to become their prey!

Ladies, you don't have to have huge muscles for personal protection. At Women On Guard, we have many non lethal pepper spray, stun guns and Taser weapons that are effective units you can use against criminals or rapists and they won't land you in prison.

Become a safe and smart woman. Take matters into your own hands! We might physically be the weaker sex, but we are smart enough to know how to defend ourselves with weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, Tasers and more! Spread the word, let your female friends know about their self defense options.

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