Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NEW! Police Force Tactical Pen w/ Light and DNA Collector

Why have an ordinary pen with you, when you can have one that not only writes, but has a flashlight, can be used as a kubotan, has a glass breaker and can help get DNA from an attacker?

Our newest product in our store is a self defense pen with incredible features, you won’t want to be without. It’s called the Police Force Tactical Pen w/ Light and DNA Collector. First of all it’s made with Military Grade aluminum which makes it virtually indestructible. It’s shock proof and includes an 80 lumens flashlight that can temporarily blind or distract a criminal. Around the flashlight is a sharp edge that can be used as a glass breaker. A glass breaker is very handy if you are trapped in a car… This particular edge can also be used as a DNA collector, as well! Furthermore, the pointed end can be used as a self defense kubotan weapon, too!

You can take this self defense military grade aluminum, Police Force Tactical Pen w/ Light and DNA Collector, wherever you go; work, college, nightclub… Oh, by the way, it also has a handy clip, just like other pens do. Definitely a keeper that that will last through family generations!

This incredible military grade aluminum, tactical pen, also uses standard ink refills and has a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defect.

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