Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Don't Use A Broomstick To Protect Your Sliding Glass Doors Or Regular Doors, Only $24.97

Broomsticks are hideous looking and definitely not a permanent solution for your exterior sliding glass doors.

Not only are they ugly, but they can become brittle and break! If you are still using a broomstick to prevent home intruders, you need to seriously consider an upgrade!

Our website has the more attractive, more secure solution! It's called the Dual Function Door Brace for only $24.97! Dual, because it can be used on sliding glass doors, as well as regular doors. It's made with strong 20 gauge steel to prevent intruders and it's length can be adjusted to fit both your sliding glass doors and your metal or wood regular doors! This unit has 2 different ends. One that hugs a normal door knob if you place it at an angle. The second end, prevents it from slipping or scratching the floor. Plus, if you simply lay it completely down on a glass door entrance, it will prevent an intruder from coming into your home. It has a baked enamel finish and is certainly more attractive than a broomstick!

This unit is designed to brace and fit most doors and prevent home intruders… The Dual Function Door Brace can be adjusted from 31" to 45 1/2", with increments in-between. Lifetime Guarantee included! Great protection for just $24.97!

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