Monday, March 9, 2015

Personal Protection Alarm With 130dB, Alerts Others That You Are In Distress!

Personal protection alarms are a must for women, college students, seniors and people who live in a large city or in States that don't allow self defense items, such as pepper spray or Tasers.

This Personal Protection Alarm with 130dB has an incredibly loud beep and will definitely notify others that you are in an emergency situation. It's incredible 130dB sound is the highest pitch allowed for citizens in the USA. Perfect for women, students or seniors to fend off attackers or for others to hear that you are in distress! A must have if you live in a heavy populated city and only costs $8.95! Some nursing homes even use it for their patients to help them notify staff, if they need help…

This particular unit multitasks, as well!  First of all, it has a wrist strap that if pulled from the unit, will set off the alarm! Also included is a convenient clip on the back that you can attach to your purse, pants, skirt or pocket. If that's not enough… the unit also comes with a convenient lanyard that includes a key ring!

Perfect 130dB personal protection for women, college students, seniors or if you live in a crowded city. This unit requires a 9-volt battery that is not included.

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