Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's A No Brainer To Still Go To A Gym And Exercise!

This blog information has been collected from various articles. It is not to imply that  following the statements below, will prevent or cure Alzheimer’s.

Many women and men go to gyms for workouts. Probably because of all the commercials and ads you see from fitness centers.

Let’s open our minds here, for a few minutes... Unless you are planning to lift over a hundred pounds on a daily basis, all you really need is to just have some nice muscle tone. Just enough strength to pick up a baby, laundry basket, clean your home or wash your car! You get the idea…

But there is also another aspect to consider; having a sharp mind… That’s right, a sharp mind. Many people now a days also worry about their brains as well. Especially as you get older and the Alzheimer’s epidemic! Doing pushups or lifting weights, over and over again, is not going to give men or women a sharp mind. The brain needs to be stimulated.

The best way to exercise is to use your muscles AND stimulate your brain. Therefore, an activity such as walking or running outdoors or in a mall if the weather outside is bad, seems to be more helpful for your body and mind. Think about it… You have to watch your step, keep an eye out for cars, watch for sidewalk bumps, pass and wave to new people, breath fresh air from the trees outdoors… In order to not fall over, you have to be alert of your surroundings and that involves using your brain. You see new things, not just a pair of handles on your elliptical all the time. It's good for your mind! The more you engage your brain and see or notice different things while you are walking or running, the better. Plus, you can exercise in different places, like parks, beaches or any other place you might want to explore! Reading a book or magazine, wouldn’t hurt either…

Doing the exact same thing over and over is like being a hamster on a wheel. We are not saying that walking or running outdoors will prevent women or men from getting Alzheimer’s, but it will stimulate you mentally! Exercise and explore the neighborhood, a change of scenery is good. It’s better for your body and your brain...

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