Thursday, January 31, 2013

Miami Cop Kidnaps and Rapes Woman

Luis Hernandez, a 27 year old Miami police officer, was arrested yesterday Jan. 30, 2013, after allegedly raping a woman, almost 2 years ago!

He was called early one morning, to relieve a police officer that was going off duty. He was to transport an undocumented female that had previously gotten in a bar fight the evening before, to a Miami Dade County Jail. This occurred back in Nov. 26, 2011.

But Luis Hernandez, didn't take her directly there. He instead told her he was going to help her, and took her to parking lot in North Miami. The officer than started to fondle her and demanded she give him oral sex. She refused and then he turned her around and raped her, while she begged him to stop.

Almost 2 years later, finally, Luis Hernandez was arrested for rape! In the meantime, this officer has being going about his business, doing who knows what… After arresting this rapist, the Mayor of Miami, proudly mentioned that the city, demands the best of it's officers…

Why it took so long to arrest this police officer for rape, begs to be questioned. The fact that he was left to roam free for so long, is a questionable matter for the Police Department and the Mayor!

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