Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pie in the Face? Now There's Pepper Foam in the Face!

It's not sweet merengue that will stop an aggressive rapist, it's very hot pepper foam, that will engulf his face and stop him.

Time is of the essence when confronted with an attacker. Using a hot substance that expands 600% when it lands on a rapist's face, will definitely stop him in his tracks! This slightly larger canister contains 18% concentration of the hot substance, compared to 10% that regular personal defense sprays have.

The Pepper Foam 18% from StreetWise, offers serious personal defense from 7 feet away. It's 46% hotter substance, will engulf attackers with unbearable heat all over their face, eyes and mouth. It also brings on a coughing, chocking and nausea attack! Besides that, the pepper foam temporarily blinds them, due to them having to close their eyes. This gives you an opportunity to escape! Furthermore, the fact that it's a foam spray, makes it heavier and therefore less likely for it to be deterred by windy conditions, too.

Foam in the face is definitely the best option for personal defense, compared to liquid solutions. Plus, like most of the sprays we carry, it also has a UV Dye, to identify a rapist, if captured by law enforcement. Lastly, it is equipped with a convenient key ring, as well.

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