Monday, January 28, 2013

Keychain Stun Gun Is Small But Powerful!

This little marvel, offers personal protection and happens to be my favorite. 
I carry it everywhere I go and the holster it comes with, makes it handy to wear. People assume it's just a small cell phone.

Causes muscle contraction mental confussion

But we won't tell anybody, what it really is, will we? No, they don't have to know that this small Keychain Stun Gun, contains 5 Million Volts of personal protection! Touching a person with this stun gun for a few seconds, will drop them to the ground! It eventually will cause muscle contraction, dizziness, and total mental confusion. As the would be attacker lies there on the ground… you can make the perfect getaway!

I personally like how small this stun gun is, even though it has 5 Million Volts! It has a handy, bright LED light and a safety switch as well. Plus, I love how it's also rechargeable! As you can see on the picture, you just have to plug this small stun gun into a wall socket! No extra electric cords or batteries necessary for the 5 Million Volts of personal protection! This baby is available in pink or black. The Pink Version has a leatherette holster with a belt clip. The Black Version has a nylon holster with a belt loop. Plus of course they both have a key ring, if you prefer to attach it to the rest of your keys!

The pink version is slightly more expensive, due to a portion of it's proceeds going to fight Breast Cancer… Which is just another reason, I like it so much!

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