Friday, January 25, 2013

Mace Pepper Spray Hard Case, For Personal Safety

Mace was invented back in 1965 by Allan Lee Litman, after his wife Doris, was harassed on the streets of Pittsburgh. Since then, many products have been developed and the brand is known all over the world.

Safety for women that helps prevent rape
Among all their personal defense products, the Mace Pepper Spray Hard Cases for safety, are the most popular. Especially among us women, who are all too frequently victims of physical attacks. The RAINN organization statistics show that 207,754 Americans are raped each year (age 12 or older and mostly women). Furthermore, these rape figures, don't count the number of rapes that aren't declared to authorities.

Fortunately pepper spray is one weapon, women can use for personal defense. The Mace brand is reliable and the hard case pepper spray they make can reach up to 10 feet away and shoot up to 10 bursts. These products contain an invisible UV dye that helps identify an attacker if they are captured by police. They also have a glow in the dark, locking safety cap, key ring and belt clip!

Personal defense is important, especially for us women. We urge you to carry pepper spray or any other weapon you feel comfortable with, for safety. Plus, always be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are alone.

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