Friday, January 11, 2013

Protect Yourself with Tear Gas Pepper Spray

Self defense, pepper spray with tear gas, UV dye and glow in the dark safety cap
Cops use pepper spray. Ancient Chinese soldiers used it too. It's one of the oldest weapons around and it's been improved!

Mace makes a defense item called the Triple Acton Leather Plus Model. Not only does it contain pepper spray, but it also has tear gas, an invisible UV dye for marking an attacker, plus a glow in the dark locking safety cap. This simple crime deterrent has come a long way... It's a small weapon, yet effective in deterring criminals and very affordable.

Who would have known that this Mace, simple little leather like self defense pouch, would be so powerful against crime and also contain tear gas? But it does and it can shoot 10 feet away! The weapon contains 5 one-second bursts. It's convenient to carry for self defense when attached to your keys. Take it out of your purse, backpack or briefcase, ahead of time, when you are not sure that your surroundings are safe. This eliminates an extra step you would have to take if an attacker tries to assault you! It helps to always be aware of your surroundings to prevent crime, as well.

It's no surprise that pepper spray has been around for centuries and has passed the test of time for self defense. Plus, the tear gas, makes this Mace Triple Action defense spray even more effective against criminals!

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