Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It Looks Like Something from Star Wars But Protects Humans on Earth!

This powerful 4.5 million volt self defense stun gun, will not only knock someone down and incapacitate them temporarily, but it also has other out of this world features!

No need to be scared while walking alone anymore… All you have to do is just zap an attacker with this baby! Just touching them for less than 1 second will cause muscle contractions and a repelling action. 3 to 5 Seconds, well, that's another story… The force will be with you when you knock them down and place an attacker into a mental daze! Not to worry, this is just a temporary human effect. Plus, the sound it makes by just aiming this Star Wars like weapon up in the air, will scare any creature on earth!

But 4.5 million volts, is not the only feature this Star Wars like weapon has, it also includes a 110db emergency siren, an ultra bright LED light and 2 red SOS fast blinking lights. If that doesn't make you feel like a Jedi, the safety pin wrist strap will! Having this strap around your wrist, will render the unit unusable by an attacker, if they try to yank it off your hand and use it against you. The unit will not work, if the wrist strap is taken out!

You are probably thinking that with all of these self defense features, this stun gun is huge! But not so, my fellow Star Wars fan… This Stun Gun weapon only measures 4.75 tall by 2.5 inches wide (at the top) and 1 inch thick.

All kidding aside, this is a serious, RECHARGEABLE, 4.5 million volt self defense weapon. It's made by Stun Master and also includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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