Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is Your New Year's Resolution, to Exercise More?

You promised yourself to exercise more in the new year… Well, it's here and we have just the tool to help you start your exercise routine, and keep you safe while doing it!

If you plan to start the new year healthier by becoming a walker, jogger or runner and are serious about your health, you will need a self defense pepper spray to also keep yourself safe. Safety is just as important as your health and Mace happens to manufacture a spray that is specifically for those of us that enjoy exercise. It's called the Mace Jogger Pepper Spray. This powerful, self defense product is easy to use and comes with a handy velcro hand strap. Attaching the strap to the back of your hand, creates a hands-free self defense tool. Which in turn, can be used quickly and still allows you to use your hands for carrying other things, such as a water bottle or a cell phone.

Exercising has never been so easy! The Mace Jogger defense pepper spray can reach up to 12 feet and contains approximately, 10, one second bursts of protection! The flip-top safety cap is simple to use with the ergonomic casing. It has a belt clip and key chain, as well.

Bring in the new year with a healthier, stronger and safer you!

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