Monday, December 31, 2012

What's the Safest Weapon for Citizens?

It doesn't take a genius to know that firearms aren't the safest self defense weapons around. Anything that can kill a person is not safe. Heck, even a baseball bat can kill someone!

Taser C2 (taser for citizens)

But there is a weapon that citizens are allowed to use, which is proven to stop criminals and be the safest. In fact police use it all over the world... Yes, we are talking about the Taser. It is one of the best inventions humanity has come up with. It can stop a person from doing harm, in a non lethal manner. Killing someone for killing someone else, is not the answer to crime prevention.

The Taser C2 or Citizen Taser will help you defend yourself and your loved ones, with as much effectiveness as the police accomplish with their weapons. The only difference between a citizen one and the police version, is that the law enforcement ones can reach 25 feet, vs. 15 feet, the C2 reaches. There are also features about the C2, most people don't know about. Below is a bulleted list of features, you might be interested in reading.

Taser C2 Features

  • Non Lethal, you won't be sent to prison if you tase someone
  • Laser sight shows a red dot, indicating where you are aiming
  • Automatic tasing for 30 secs while placed on the ground and you escape
  • LED Flashlight, turns on automatically (so will the laser sight) when you slide the safety cover open
  • Stun gun backup, if cartridge has been deployed, you can still stun a person, by just touching them with the unit
  • No permit required in most states; just pass a quick felony background check that WomenOnGuard™ can perform in just a few minutes, after which, when passed, we can send you the unit.
  • If stolen or damaged while you are defending yourself, the manufacturer will replace the C2 for FREE if a police report is filed
  • No kickback, your shoulder won't hurt and you won't fall backwards
  • No messy gunpowder cleanup or maintenance

There you have it! The Taser C2 self defense weapon doesn't only sound great, it really is the safest self defense citizens can carry. It's available in 6 colors and… It wouldn't hurt to purchase some handcuffs from us, as well!

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