Friday, December 14, 2012

A Lipstick Stun Gun Makes a Unique and Fashionable Gift

Photo by *saxon*
Women usually don't give each other lipstick as a gift, because color is a matter of personal taste. But you won't have a problem giving this fashionable item as a gift to a friend or loved one…

That's because this is not your ordinary lipstick, it's unique. You don't wear it on your lips, but rather use it as a personal weapon! Now… you're really confused, right? Let me explain… We are talking about the Lipstick Stun Gun 950,000 Volts with Flashlight. It's a tiny weapon, 3 3/4 inches tall to be exact! The sweet thing about this small item, is that nobody will know it's a stun gun while you pull it out. This gives you an opportunity to use it, without an aggressor having a clue of what your intentions are!

This fashionable and unique weapon, manufactured with us women in mind, also has a disable pin. What is that, you might ask? Well, it's a strap attached to this tiny stun gun. If you place the strap around your wrist and an attacker grabs the stun gun from you, the strap stays on your wrist, rendering this unique weapon useless. You see, the Lipstick Stun Gun, only works when the strap is connected to it! This is a great safety feature, because the unit cannot be used against you by a scum bag! Another feature this unique gift has, is an LED flashlight, very handy for any application.

This fashionable, made for women, tiny weapon, doesn't only make a unique gift. There's a bonus… it's rechargeable, no batteries necessary. Plus, it also has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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