Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lipstick Pepper Spray Makes A Great Holiday Gift

Not sure what to get for the women in your life, for the holidays? Well, you can never go wrong with buying them lipstick! But not your ordinary lipstick!

Photo by Ed Yourdon
We are talking about lipsticks for the holidays, that can protect them from crime. A weapon they can pull out in front of an attacker, without him even knowing that he is facing a personal defense item. The fact that the Lipstick Pepper Spray is disguised, gives women the upper hand by surprising an attacker with the stopping power of pepper spray. Before the attacker even knows it, he will be crying for mercy, eyes, nose and throat burning and a non stopping coughing attack! Pepper spray is a powerful weapon and all women should have it in today's society.

Any woman will be grateful and accepting of your thoughtful gift and will definitely add it to their purse! It's a unique personal defense gift that can help them deter crime and be able to enjoy their freedom more! Believe it or not, but women deny themselves things like a stroll around their residential block, going to the movies or even walking in a park, because many are in fear of muggers and rapists!

So this holiday, give the women you know, a gift that they can use for personal defense, a lipstick pepper spray! They will be forever grateful, that you had their safety in mind.

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