Friday, December 21, 2012

Inexpensive Pepper Spray for Only $6!

New Years celebration is coming soon and partying can get out of hand. 
Make sure you take some affordable pepper spray with you, for self defense.

Photo by Sarah_Ackerman
There is no excuse to not carry some sort of personal protection. Our affordable $6 Pepper Shot with Key Release Key Chain, is convenient to carry, especially when surrounded by rowdy crowds, during the New Years celebration. Alcohol will be rampant, as expected during these festivities. You don't want to become a victim during all the partying. Make it a fun, memorable and safe celebration!

This inexpensive, self defense $6 pepper spray, is small but don't let the size fool you. It contains the same amount of the hot substance that other larger defense products have. It simply doesn't look as large, because it doesn't have a plastic container or leather pouch around it! That's why it's so inexpensive. It can shoot 5-6 bursts and reach up to 7 feet! Plus it has a Release Key Chain that most other self defense products don't have. The Release Key Chain, allows you to leave your keys in your car ignition, front home door… but still be able to un-attach the spray easily and use it!

$6 Inexpensive pepper spray is not easy to find! Take advantage of this affordable price and start the new year safely. Plus, remember not to drink and drive!

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