Monday, December 10, 2012

Dana Perino's Comment About Domestic Violence Victims

Recently the Fox News commentator when talking about the murdered girlfriend of NFL player Joyan Belcher, mentioned that these abused women should, "Make Better Decisions".

Dana Perino - Fox News
I was surprised that an intelligent woman like Dana Perino, from Fox News, would make such a statement. As usual, it was the woman's fault! How dare she accuse women for the violence inflicted upon them. The only way that women can defend themselves against bigger and stronger men is by perhaps taking steroids and building muscles! Abused women need counseling and guidance, not absurd accusations. Most of the time these women are stay at home mothers and unfortunately depend on their abusers for shelter and food.

This is why we need to treat girls like we do boys and encourage them to get a good education and a job. If we keep treating women as if they were second class citizens and pay them less than men, this sort of thing will keep repeating itself.

Instead of Dana Perino mentioning in Fox News, such a scandalous remark, she should have mentioned that domestic violence victims should seek help with sources such as The Allstate Foundation or The R.O.S.E Fund. These organizations help victims build their confidence and even offer grants and scholarship money. One of the organizations actually offers facial reconstructive surgery for women who have been disfigured due to domestic violence.

If you know someone that is being abused and needs help, let them know about the organizations mentioned above.

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